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Shocking Twist in Howard Stern World: Longtime Stylist’s Tragic Passing Reveals Untold Stories and Unseen Bond with Stern

Howard Stern confirmed the passing of his close friend and longtime stylist, Ralph Cirella, during his radio show on Wednesday. Cirella, who had been with Stern for decades, passed away on Tuesday morning due to complications during a routine procedure. Stern revealed that Cirella had been undergoing treatment for a rare and treatable lymphoma, but his “heart gave out.”

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Expressing a mix of sadness and frustration, Stern mentioned that he was upset that Cirella had delayed addressing the health issue. Despite the curable nature of the lymphoma, Stern noted that Cirella did not take proper care of himself.

Howard Stern

The two friends shared a bond of nearly 40 years, with Stern highlighting their similar senses of humor. Stern credited Cirella with influencing his meeting with his wife, Beth. According to Stern, Cirella encouraged him to attend a party where he eventually met Beth.

Notable for his appearances on Stern’s radio show and accompanying the host on television appearances, including on “America’s Got Talent” and “The Late Show with David Letterman,” Cirella played a significant role in Stern’s life. Stern acknowledged Cirella’s impact on his marriage and described him as a trustworthy and dear friend who brought laughter into his life.

Actor John Stamos, a personal friend of Stern and frequent guest on the show, also mourned Cirella’s death on social media. Stamos emphasized Cirella’s unique personality and described him as a one-of-a-kind soul.

Stern mentioned that he spoke with Cirella the night before his passing, expressing hope that he would overcome his cancer treatment. The news of Cirella’s death was initially shared by Stamos on social media, causing some fans to question its authenticity until Stern confirmed it on his show. Stern’s wife, Beth, had liked Stamos’ post before the radio show, dispelling doubts about the news.

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