Six Facts You Should Understand About Online Poker Rooms Profits, Integrity and Fairness

Online gambling is the modern way of entertainment and investment. As you aim to make profits or entertain yourself in online casinos, poker is a choice you will live to remember. From its beginnings in the late 90s to the early 2000s boom, online cardrooms have continued to attract more players. Whether you are a recreational or professional player, understanding how your service provider makes profits and levels of integrity are vital considerations.

Online poker rooms make profits in the following ways.

The first source of profits for poker online service providers is the rake. This rake is the commission that these entities make for hosting your games. The commission range is usually between 10% to 2.5% of the pot. However, there are other mechanisms to make money not tied to a pot percentage. You should consider the rake structure before picking an online gambling partner. Additionally, note that online take is lower than a brick-and-mortar service provider. The difference is that it is cheaper to host a game online than in a traditional physical venue.

Secondly, unplanned games and pre-scheduled multi-table events escape raking. However, you will pay an entry fee to play. In most cases, the cost is between 5% to 10% of the buy-ins. This percentage is included in the actual tournament cost. Studying participation costs is a wise move for all poker players.

Thirdly, there are online gambling sites that invest your deposits with them. Such transactions earn them some interest. There are regulations to protect your money against being invested in high-risk ventures. Try to find out where your money is invested before you deposit your cash and leave it to stay for ages in your virtual bank.

The following are integrity and fairness debates surrounding online card games.

Shuffle randomness

We have some suggestions that claim that there are fraudulent activities on online betting platforms. Some people who play poker online believe that the card shuffle is not random. They claim the shuffle settings favor bots and players employed by online cardrooms. Other allegations claim that some sites prevent new players from losing easily to avoid discouragement. If one loss quickly, he is likely to quit gambling. However, several people dismiss the necessity of such acts. Kindly look out for audits by firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers confirming fairness in pay-outs, random number generator, and the shuffle.


There are documented instances of collusion by card players where some players use more than a single account. Others collude with fellow gamers. Only play on sites that restrict this menace via constant scanning and strict punishments.

Insider cheating

Insider cheating is another phenomenon that you need to understand as a poker player. This cheating happens when someone with special system access uses it to play games and gain an advantage over other players. Cheating can be a deliberate action or happen without the knowledge of system administrators. Kindly note persons with such access play at high stakes. They can view your hidden hole cards thus win with ease. Only play on platforms that have a clear policy on how to deal with such crimes. Do not just fly on potential sanctions from relevant governing bodies.

It is also wise to understand your currency dynamics in online poker. There are times when your local currency is the hurdle between you and the big win. The most accepted currency is the United States dollar. If you do not have US dollars, look for sites that allow you to convert your money into dollars. This limitation usually happens when you are making deposits. Only choose service providers who make exchanges at lower premiums than rates that credit card entities and commercial banks offer. Other platforms will hold your money in your native currency and wait to convert it into accepted currency only when you enter and leave an event. This move protects you from the effects of exchange rate glaciations when you are not playing.

Lastly, you are free to make good use of e-wallets. You are free to keep your money online in a currency that you feel favors you. Fortunately, some online gambling websites accept cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the most popular option in these situations.

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