Southern Charm’s Chleb Ravenell Shares Update With Kathryn Dennis After Split, Claims She Used Kids as Excuse

Former Southern Charm couple, Chleb Ravenell and Kathryn Dennis, may have called it quits recently on the show, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t sting, according to Chleb.

“I couldn’t watch it. It was too emotional for me. I’m not even going to lie,” Chleb told E.T.  “That literally kind of broke my heart at that time. I literally was trying everything to get back together with her because I wanted to make it work.”

Speaking with HollywoodLife Chleb reflected back on his relationship with Kathryn, what really led to their breakup, and where they stand today.

According to Chleb, he and Kathryn are not in communication anymore, but made sure to add that the two did not necessarily end on “bad terms” and hopes that she learns from their time together.

“I’ll be honest with you, we don’t really talk right now,” the Southern Charm freshman told the outlet. “I wouldn’t say we ended on really bad terms, but we just went our separate ways. Right now, I just hope she learned from our relationship, and she can bring the good from our relationship into her next relationship. I hope I can do the same. I mean, that’s really the only thing I can really say right now.”

During the July 8th episode, Kathryn accused Chleb of being “emotionally unavailable” and not being as involved with her children, Kensie and Saint, as she would like him to be. However, Chleb claims he was never really let in with the children amid Kathryn’s ongoing custody battle with ex, Thomas Ravenel.

“I wouldn’t say I was emotionally unavailable. I just wasn’t emotionally the way she wanted me to be,” Chleb explained. “I played sports all my life. I learned by coaching, so when I would tell her something that she was doing, I would tell her in a way that a coach would tell me. I would just give it to her direct like, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on. You need to change this.’ But the way I was giving that information out, she wasn’t used to that. She would push back and it would be a problem. She didn’t want to hear it.

As for the children, Chleb said, ““I didn’t want to get involved with that because there’s a lot of court, and there’s a lot of stuff with that.”

“I felt like I wasn’t able to be like their stepfather. I wasn’t able to like discipline them. I wasn’t able to teach them things. There were a bunch of rules that I had to follow. I felt like I was just kind of watching them, and she kind of misread that and tried to say, ‘You’re not involved with the kids.’ But it’s like, I can’t be involved with the kids,” he elaborated.

In fact, speaking Entertaintment Tonight per Page Six, Chleb claims that Kathryn used the children as an excuse for their relationship crumbling.

“I feel like the kids were an excuse on a reason why we broke up, but it wasn’t a main factor,” he said.

As for where he romantically goes from here, Chleb says he’s working on himself and not looking to dive into the dating pool just yet.

“Right now, no, I’m not dating. I’m not even waiting for the perfect girl to come around. I’m trying to work on me. I’m trying to get myself together. Because when I get myself together and I’m in a good place and a good headspace, then whoever comes along, it’s going to be even better for them. That’s what I’m kind of working on right now.”

Southern Charm currently airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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