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r/netflix – Here is the Deal …. and question – Netflix Germany?!

Here is the Deal …. and question – Netflix Germany?!

This film, that i can get for 3,99€ on every Gasstation (should be arround 2,80 Dollars) is promoted to be “only online until 4 Dezember” on Netflix Germany. So what is the catch? Can somebody explain this to me, pls?!? (No vote on the quality of this movie, but tbh – – – – – – whats the catch?! – Sorry, i dont get it?!)

P.s.: When you have enough money for the license, this movie will be online for the next 6 month (and then in 6 month again, and after the next 6 month for 3-6 month again…

Sooooooooo, whats the catch?!? – I dont get it… – – – – – – – – – – pls explain – THX 🙂

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