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r/netflix – Those “Important” life lessons you learn from watching The Sandman Episodes 4 and 5

I watched about 4 episodes, and decided I’d seen enough.

In the first episode, they ask whether it’s gonna be like Futurama or Rick and Morty, and I would say that it does lean more towards Futurama (Dumb protagonist? Check; elderly relative of main protagonist? Check; love interest with an unusual number of a specific body part? Check; mad scientist? Check; ugly creature used as comic relief? Check; robot with a potty mouth, a penchant for loose women and mind-altering substances? Check), but the animation is more akin to American Dad, and the humor seems to be aimed at edgelord 12 year olds (Billy has a vagina on his foot, HAHAHA! Oh and he enjoys tap dancing on it? Oh my! How saucy and delightfully droll! How did they ever come up with such clever writing!?!)

Like, I get it, humor is subjective, but personally I didn’t think it was funny. It’s not that I don’t care for dick jokes, it’s just that comedy is about surprising your audience, and if your only three jokes are “poop, penis, perversion” then it’s just not going to be funny long term.

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