This Is What Your TikTok FYP Probably Looks Like, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The CIA agent inside my phone must be in cahoots with TikTok, because my For You Page has really been saying for you lately. Sure, there’s a delicate science behind the TikTok algorithm, which essentially shows me a curation of my own creation, but I still get a little freaked out over how scarily accurate my TikTok For You Page is 99 percent of the time. And when I compare my big three zodiac signs (your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign) to my TikTok FYP, it seems even scarier.

As a Scorpio sun, a Cancer rising, and an Aries moon — the astrological definition of inner chaos — my FYP is just as chaotic, composed mostly of true crime, adorable TikTok babies, and complicated dance videos I’m determined to learn but never will. These subjects so clearly capture the essence of each zodiac sign, and I don’t know if I should feel personally attacked or proud that at least I’m staying true to myself online. Add in the carabiner jokes, and my TikTok FYP is a spitting image of me: a moody, 20-something lesbian chasing dopamine and her youth.

While astrological staples like your birth chart or your 2022 horoscope will undoubtedly help you learn more about yourself, your TikTok FYP, according to your zodiac sign, could tell you even more.

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