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“Fannie Mae’s Fabulous DUS Lenders of 2021: Meet Walker & Dunlop, CBRE, and Berkadia!”

Fannie Mae, the hip and happening multifamily mortgage lender, was the life of the party in 2021! They dished out a cool $70 billion in multifamily loans through their cool program called Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS). This groovy program lets specially approved lenders underwrite, close, and sell loans without getting Fannie Mae’s approval first. Talk about trust, man!

You know how these lenders roll? They take on around one-third of the loan risk themselves, so they’re not just talking the talk – they walk the walk! And you’ll never guess what – there are 23 of these far-out DUS lenders in the game!

But that’s not all, folks! Fannie Mae and its DUS lenders weren’t just into traditional, market-rate stuff. Oh no, they’re like the champions of affordable housing, funding a whopping $11 billion of it! That’s like buying everyone’s rent at a crazy discount!

Some of these DUS lenders are real multi-talented peeps. Walker & Dunlop was the big shot of 2021, originating a mind-blowing $9.6 billion in Fannie Mae loans. They even nailed the Top Lender List for Freddie Mac too! The CEO, Willy Walker, is probably doing a happy dance.

Next up, CBRE Multifamily Capital – these cats were all about topping charts! They rocked it with nearly $7 billion of Fannie Mae loans and ranked second for Freddie Mac. Talk about versatility!

Berkadia Commercial Mortgage was hanging out at the third spot, singing the tune of nearly $7 billion in Fannie Mae loans. They also took the crown for Freddie Mac – they must have the secret formula!

And hold on tight because here come the other cool cats in the Top Ten DUS lenders list:

Wells Fargo Multifamily Capital: Rocking with $4.4 billion in Fannie Mae loans and owning the stage for affordable housing lenders!
Newmark: Grooving with $4.4 billion in Fannie Mae loans and making seniors housing look stylish!
Greystone Servicing Company: Feeling the vibes with $4.3 billion in Fannie Mae loans and doing some killer CMBS financing!
JLL Real Estate Capital: Rocking the stage with $4.3 billion in Fannie Mae loans and hitting the charts for Freddie Mac!
Arbor Commercial Funding: Jamming with $3.7 billion in Fannie Mae loans and topping the list for small multifamily lenders!
Capital One, National Association: Showing some flair with $3.7 billion in Fannie Mae loans and scoring big with Freddie Mac!
KeyBank National Association: Keeping the rhythm with $3.6 billion in Fannie Mae loans and shining bright with manufactured housing communities!
And there you have it – the awesome lineup of Fannie Mae’s DUS lenders. They’re all about making multifamily financing a blast, from traditional properties to affordable housing and more. So, if you need a loan for your pad, just hit them up – they’ll make sure you’re living the dream in style! Peace out! 🤘

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