‘I’m worried it’s cancer’ – Julie Walters thought doctors ‘made a mistake’ with diagnosis

Stage three bowel cancer – which is what Walters was diagnosed with – meant that the cancer had spread to nearby lymph nodes but not to distant body parts. The two primary tumours were in her large intestine.

The three main symptoms of bowel cancer according to the NHS are:
Persistent blood in your poo – that happens for no obvious reason or is associated with a change in bowel habit
A persistent change in your bowel habit – which is usually having to poo more and your poo may also become more runny
Persistent lower abdominal (tummy) pain, bloating or discomfort – that’s always caused by eating and may be associated with loss of appetite or significant unintentional weight loss.

Sometimes, a tumour can block the bowel, causing sudden strong pains in the stomach area, bloating and feeling or being sick. This is called a bowel obstruction. You may also be unable to empty your bowels or pass wind.

If you experience any of these symptoms or similar it is crucial that you consult your GP.

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