Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX makes unscheduled landing after engine problem

An Air Canada Boeing 737 Max jet made an unscheduled — but safe — landing Friday because of engine trouble.

On board were three crew members but no passengers. No injuries were reported.

The plane was flying from Arizona to Montreal when pilots received an engine alert and decided to change their route so they could set down in Tucson, Arizona, the BBC reported.

The alert was for “left engine hydraulic low pressure” and a fuel imbalance problem, according to, a Belgian aviation news website.

In 2019, US aviation regulators grounded all 737 Max airliners after two fatal crashes only five months apart. The crashes — one in Indonesia, the other in Ethiopia — took 346 in all.

In mid-November, the FAA gave the OK for the planes to start flying again after Boeing overhauled the aircraft’s automated flight software, which caused the planes to nosedive.

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