First weekend of the year with summer heat

Summer heat returned this week and will continue into through the weekend.

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8:32 AM CDT June 6, 2021

6:41 AM CDT June 11, 2021

Heat and humidity will continue on Friday.

Afternoon temps will climb into the 90s, but when you add in the humidity it will feel likely at or above 100° in most places.

Far western North Texas has the best chance to be hottest through the afternoon.

A Heat Advisory continues for a couple western counties because heat index values could be as high as 107° in those places!

This Weekend

This will be the first real summer weekend in North Texas.

That means a hot, humid, and fairly dry forecast.

“Fairly dry” because there is an outside chance for a few showers or storms late Friday night into Saturday morning.

A complex of storms will be moving through Oklahoma heading for North Texas, but they should weaken substantially before arriving in North Texas. Some may survive long enough to give areas mainly along the Red River a little rain.

We’ll need to watch this system however because sometimes they can overachieve, and all of a sudden more places in North Texas get storms than anticipated.

After that rain chance, the rest of the weekend will just be hot and humid.

Highs both days will be in the low to mid 90s and afternoon heat index values will be at or above 100°.

You can thank the very wet conditions over the past several weeks combined with southerly winds pumping in moisture from the Gulf of Mexico for this steamy weather.  Dewpoint temperatures are skyrocketing into the 70s and that puts us in an environment that is “air you can wear!”

The reason it feels so sticky and muggy is because there is a lot of moisture in the air and your sweat does not evaporate much and in turn doesn’t cool your skin! 

Now that the hot temperatures are returning, it is good to brush up on a few tips to protect you family and furry friends. 

Heat tips: 

2). Wear light-colored clothing

4). Never leave a child or pet in a hot car!! 

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