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Great White Shark Sighting: Ocearch Spots One off Long Island’s Coast

Excitement is in the air as beach season approaches, but it seems the sharks are joining the party too! Ocearch recently reported spotting a Great White Shark, named Jekyll, off the coast of Quogue on Long Island. Jekyll is quite the character, measuring 8-feet, 8-inches long and weighing in at a whopping 395 lbs!

Don’t worry, Jekyll is just here for a vacation, and he’s the first of his kind to venture this far north. Ocearch’s founder, Chris Fischer, expressed his delight, “This is the first time we are able to track his movements north and we’re excited to see where he spends his summer and fall.”

But remember, we’re not on the menu for these majestic creatures. Shark attacks on humans are extremely rare, so there’s no need to panic. Fischer assured us that Jekyll, who came all the way from the south, was just making a quick visit. He popped up near the beach at Dune Road in Quogue and then decided to take a dip offshore. Guess even sharks need some “me time” away from the hustle and bustle of the ocean.

So, let’s embrace this exciting shark spotting and not let it deter us from enjoying the beautiful beaches. Just be practical and use common sense when you’re out there. After all, sharks are essential for maintaining the balance of our oceans, and they’re much more interested in fish and seals than in us beachgoers. So, dress wisely, avoid swimming during active feeding times, and remember to have fun and enjoy the ocean!

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