Rantz: Inslee firing thousands isn’t about health — it’s about forced vaccinations

Governor Jay Inslee fired thousands of Washingtonians for choosing to withhold their private medical records from the state or their employer. He won’t even allow them unemployment benefits. His mandate isn’t about public health. It’s about power and forced vaccinations.

Inslee can’t even claim his COVID vaccine mandate is based on science. He purposefully ignores natural immunity and implies masks don’t work after telling us for 18 months that they do. Moreover, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, if you have COVID, you carry almost the same viral load.

The Washingtonians that Inslee previously called heroes, a label he put on human props to earn social and political currency with voters, have been working safely for the last 18 months. Nothing has changed other than the desire to force vaccinations on everyone. That’s Inslee’s goal, no matter the costs.

Powermad Inslee wants forced vaccinations

Inslee can’t legally force vaccinations on everyone, so he is using coercion.

Want to keep your job so you can pay your bills? You must get this vaccine. Want a college education? Well, you better get this vaccine. Hey, teen, are you hoping to go to the concerts that are finally coming back? You need a vaccine, too.

Inslee is leveraging the desperation of Washingtonians to force you into vaccines you may not need or want. Like so many other Democrats, Inslee does not want you to have a choice. He wants dominion over your body and your decisions. But should Inslee have that kind of power when he ignores the science on COVID?

As usual, to justify his violation of medical and bodily autonomy, Inslee merely repeats the term “science and data” at press conferences rather than presenting it. But the science is clear: Natural immunity is real and offers better protection than the COVID vaccines. His mandate offers no exemptions for people who’ve already recovered from COVID.

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Natural immunity is real; Inslee ignores it

If you’ve recovered from COVID, as hundreds of millions of people have, then you have more robust protection from the virus than those of us who are vaccinated. Well over 15 studies came to the same conclusion.

Israeli researchers looked at 700,000 people that were split into three groups: 1) individuals with two Pfizer vaccine shots (fully vaccinated); 2) individuals who recovered from COVID and subsequently received one of the two required vaccination shots, and 3) unvaccinated individuals who recovered from COVID. This is the largest real-world observational study, to date, on COVID natural immunity.

The unvaccinated who previously recovered from COVID were 27 times less likely to get a second symptomatic COVID infection than those who were fully vaccinated.

“This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity,” the study concluded.

Even mild infection from COVID offers long-lasting protection, according to a study by Washington University School of Medicine.

Inslee could have employees attest to prior infection, which shows them protected. But Inslee doesn’t. He does not care. It’s vaccination at-all-costs.

So masks don’t work anymore? Or they do? Inslee can’t decide

For 18 months, essential frontline workers donned personal protective equipment (PPE) that kept them safe. Inslee implies the PPE doesn’t work, so he’s forcing the workforce to get vaccinated without a testing option. But also, you still have to wear PPE, implying the vaccines don’t work. He’s confused.

Has anything changed in our understanding of COVID? No. It’s vaccinate-at-all-costs.

Last year, when no one was vaccinated, law enforcement, firefighters, and health care providers still showed up to work. Many of them helped provide free COVID tests to people who feared they caught the virus. The PPE protected them, and there was little to no transmission.

A UW Medicine study from Aug. 30, 2021, is instructive on this: “The risk that emergency medical service (EMS) first responders will contract COVID-19 from infected patients is extremely low – even when care involves procedures that generate large volumes of respiratory aerosols, such as intubation, a new study has found.”

Now, with 80% of the state vaccinated to some degree, Inslee is saying it’s suddenly more dangerous than it was last year to do the very same jobs. You must be vaccinated and still wear PPE.

Washington State Troopers, Seattle police officers and firefighters, and many nurses and doctors are being denied accommodations exempting them from the vaccine mandate. They’re told their public-facing roles put the public (most of whom are vaccinated) at risk.

Does that make any logical sense? It took just about two minutes for Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins to point out that the only thing different between now and 18 months ago is a new set of rules. FOX 13’s Brandi Kruse utterly embarrassed him and she didn’t break a sweat.

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Vaccinated people can still carry and spread COVID

The data shows vaccines prevent you from getting seriously ill, which is a good reason for most people to get the vaccine. But we also know that the vaccinated can still get and spread COVID.

Those who support forced vaccinations may argue that unvaccinated public servants pose a greater risk to them catching COVID while vaccinated. But that belief comes from thinking the vaccinated carry less of a viral load. It’s false.

The newest study on the issue comes from the University of California, Davis, Genome Center and UC San Francisco. It found an almost identical viral load between unvaccinated and vaccinated. It’s not the only study coming to the same conclusion.

In other words, an unvaccinated person poses a risk in spreading COVID when they’re infected. If anything, this data shows unvaccinated government staffers should mitigate risks by wearing PPE, without getting a vaccine if they chose not to. But they’re not given that option under Inslee’s mandate. It’s vaccinate-at-all-costs.

Data on the vaccine is also positive

I think the data shows it’s smart to get the vaccine in consultation with your doctor. Even though the death rate is almost certainly less than the 1% the state currently claims (it’s a number that obviously can’t account for the people who survived COVID but never even went to a doctor), it still makes sense.

That’s the message I’ve delivered since they became available, and I have no intention of deviating unless there’s new data presented suggesting otherwise. Voices suggesting the vaccine is inherently dangerous or that it’s useless are as wrong as those who pretend it’s sound science to vaccinate everyone or that they’re risk-free.

While it can certainly be dangerous to some, and folks (particularly teens) should be aware of rare but potentially deadly side effects that Inslee and others pretend don’t exist, the data shows the vaccines to be overall safe.

That said, I also believe that forced vaccines are wrong.

Yes, they are forced if you make them a condition of employment after you’ve already hired the person. I have no intention of changing that message either. Data suggests those who have recovered from COVID are well protected. And some people have religious beliefs that Inslee and the government should respect. Moreover, if vaccinated and unvaccinated spread COVID, it’s not really my business if someone else gets the vaccine.

The scariest part

Inslee is firing some good people with institutional knowledge that can’t be easily or readily replaced.

His message to them was a dismissive “thanks for your service.” While pretending that losing roughly 10% of state agency staff won’t impact services, he doesn’t care about the consequences.

Inslee is blinded by a goal to vaccinate everyone. He will do anything he can, including coercing teens into a jab they may not need or want. I’m sure he’s convinced himself he’s doing the right thing. The armed CHAZ/CHOP radicals who took over six city blocks of Seattle also thought they were doing the right thing. We know how that ended.

But here’s the scary part: After Inslee gets to 100% vaccination and COVID still spreads (and of course it will continue to spread — much like the flu), what will he force on us next? Are you ready to find out?

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