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Ja’Marr Chase Rookie Sensation Breaks Records

NFL Record Breaks. 

The NFL has seen many people come and go, and it has also seen many records get set and then broken. It has been over 50 years since the NFL-AFL merger, and since then there have been many records set, and with new players coming on the field, many get broken too. 

It is impressive when any player breaks a record or gets mentioned in the same breath as ‘Hall of Fame. However, it is even more impressive when the player mentioned is a rookie to the game. Who would have thought that it is possible for new blood to take the cheese so early on? 

This year as we end the 2021-2022 season with the Super Bowl, we are looking to the Cincinnati Bengals and the players on the team. 

No one quite expected the Bengals to be the team to make it to the Super Bowl this year, and the Super Bowl odds have vastly changed for them from last year to this. 

The Chiefs were the team favorite in the AFL to be on their way to the Super Bowl, however, the Bengals took the cheese, and it was thanks to a fresh new set of players. A quarterback who changed things, and many others who stunned everyone. 

One of these players was Ja’Marr Chase. 

Who Is Ja’Marr? 

Ja’Marr Chase is a wide receiver for the Bengals, he was the fifth pick in round one of the 2021 NFL Draft. Already he has taken some awards and seen highlights. 

This has been his rookie year, and he is already helping take the team to the Super Bowl, and he may even be helping them win it- but that is yet to be seen. 

The Bengals have not seen the Super Bowl since 1989, and now with all the fresh young blood in the team, they are making a return to the stage. 

In college, Chase played for the LSU Tigers, and he was a Fred Biletnikoff Award winner and an All-American. 

So, even before his professional career started he was doing well and was showing everyone else how it was done. 

But, this year he has really bought out his game. 

Chase has broken several records in his first year as a rookie. This includes NFL records, such as the most receiving yards in a game made by a rookie. 

Chase has also been named to the Pro Bowl, and he was also named to the 2nd AP All-Pro team. 

Remembering he is only in his first year, he has already gone above and beyond Chad Johnson’s record for receiving yards in a single season. 

It is quite a feat for a rookie to enter the game and take control so quickly. He has astounded everyone, and he is without a doubt part of the reason that the Cincinnati Bengals are going to be playing the Super Bowl this year. 

However, his main record needs to be talked about more. Why is he such a rookie sensation? 

His 2-Touchdown Game. 

Well, he does have impressive yardage, however, the thing everyone is talking about is how his 2-touchdown game against the Steelers broke a previous record that had been set by Randy Moss- a Hall of Fame Receiver. 

With this, he became the youngest ever player, and the first-ever 21-year-old player in the history of the league to have a 4+ rec TD in a franchise first 3 games of a season. 

Chase is held in comparison to Randy Moss, who was the last person to wow us like this. 

Moss was a superstar from day one, but it was not until his four-catch, four-score performance that he was a true star at 21-years old. However, Chase broke that record and had everyone with mouths agape in shock.

Chase caught a touchdown in every single one of his first three games in the league. With two scores in his third week, he became known as the first-ever receiver, and the youngest ever receiver to have four touchdowns in his first three games, thus starting his career this way. 

Chase only beat Moss by 10 days in terms of young age. Moss was 2 years 219 days old when he made his records, whereas Chase was 21 years and 209 days old. 

Chase is also the 9th player to catch a touchdown pass in each of his first three games as well. Everything about this man is highly impressive and we can’t wait to see what he will do at the Super Bowl. 

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