Live5 Launches Slot Content in British Columbia

Live5 gaming, the UK’s one of the foremost digital game developers, has now stretched its wings in Canada. It has expanded its profile in Canada after getting the required permissions to use its technology in British Columbia.

As per, the British Columbia Gaming Enforcement and Policy Branch (GEPB) has permitted Live5 the right to mix its titles through Scientific Games with the particular British Columbia Lottery Corporation to deliver the best-in-class quality games.

Let’s take a quick tour of Live5 gaming.

About Live5 gaming

Among other established providers of online slot games, Live5 gaming stands out. The primary aim of the company, Live5 gaming, is to create games for online casinos in the best way possible. However, Live5 gaming has been dormant for quite a long, creating slots for online casinos. Since its inception, Live5 gaming has launched around 13 games. These games are accessible from different online providers.

To create a strong base, Live5 gaming has collaborated with several other organizations. Add to it, it uses partnerships to advertise the content. With a plethora of online providers, it is easy to inaugurate new games and excite the players.

Live5 gaming has several strong attributes. In tune with this, the company provides new games with a real character to advertise in the most reasonable way. Consequently, Live5 gaming is already aware of how to separate itself from other developers.

What is Live5 gaming?

From a developer’s point of view, Live5 gaming designs slots for online casinos. Since the organization commenced in 2015, 3 games have been released. As per the company’s website, new slots will be released in the days to come.  The games have separate characters along with distinct storylines and themes.

Just like the graphics of the gameplay, software to is important. In a bid to provide the games in the right manner, everything needs to be placed properly in the background. As game developers, Live5 uses a talent pool of seasoned programmers, graphic designers, developers, and different other collaborators to present the best games in the market. To create these games, HTML 5 technology is being used. As a result, making the slots available for any kind of device becomes easy. Such games can be used on tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of games are created by Live5 gaming?

Live5 makes original and modern slots.

Can you use mobile phones to play games?

Yes. You can use mobile phones to play games. The organization used HTML5 technology to create games. Add to it, the games are designed in such a way that they can be played on tablets, laptops, computers, and smartphones.

Where can the Live5 games be played?

Live5 gaming has joined hands with several parties. Thus, it has various options to offer the games. Apart from the partnership with different other developers, it has connections with several casinos too. Hence, there is a good opportunity to visit your preferred online provider to play the slots made by Live5 gaming. There are actually several online casinos big and small where the games of Live5 are added.

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