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Sergi Roberto and PSG’s Neymar Explore Barcelona Reunion

Barcelona’s team leader, Sergi Roberto, spilled the beans that he had a chit-chat with Neymar, the Paris Saint-Germain soccer hotshot, about potentially rejoining their club.

Rumor had it that Neymar was up for a reunion with Barca, the gang he left to join PSG back in 2017. But, hold your horses, there’s some division in the ranks about this move.

Just the other day, Barcelona got a financial high-five. They sold off a slice (29.5% to be precise) of their digital playground called Barca Vision. This gave them the green light to put their new team players on the official roster. Imagine them doing a little victory dance

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When Sergi Roberto got quizzed about Neymar, he couldn’t help but flash a smile. “It’s exciting ’cause he’s like an old buddy. We shared some golden times during his previous stint here,” said Sergi Roberto to Sport newspaper.

“Back in the day, when Neymar was part of the gang, those were some of the coolest years I’ve had with Barca. We were basically winning everything.”

And oh boy, Sergi Roberto thinks Neymar’s got a touch of magic that sets him apart from the rest of the soccer pack. “He’d bring a whole lotta sparkle to our team. But you know the drill, it’s not my call. The big shots in charge will figure out what’s best for the team. We’re just here, crossing our fingers for the dream team.”

Sergi Roberto ‘fessed up that he did have a little heart-to-heart with the Brazilian star, but he wasn’t dishing out the deets. It’s a secret, shh!

Catching Up on Old Memories:  Roberto and Neymar’s Barcelona Bond

Meanwhile, the grapevine around Barcelona didn’t slam the door shut on a Neymar return. But they gave it the squinty-eyed look. Why? Well, mostly ’cause it’s like trying to fit a jigsaw piece in a spot that’s kinda tight.

The coach, Xavi Hernandez, wasn’t exactly jumping up and down about adding Neymar to the mix. He’s scratching his head wondering if the puzzle pieces would even fit. But then there’s president Joan Laporta who’s all for the reunion party.

And hey, don’t miss the memo! Barcelona managed to get their defenders Ronald Araújo and Ilkay Gündogan on the official LaLiga roster. Just in time for their debut game against Getafe.

They were kinda stuck before, like when you try to stuff your suitcase but it just won’t zip. But, guess what? They pulled off some financial wizardry (€120 million to be precise) with LIBERO Football Finance AG and NIPA Capital B.V. High fives all around!

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