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That’s a bad miss. There have been a lot of wrestlers throughout history and some of them are a lot more well known than others. I’m sure you can think of a few of the most famous names in wrestling as they have been as well publicized as you can get. At the same time though, there are some great stars out there who have not gotten the recognition that they deserve. Sometimes WWE will try to do something about this, but this time around it was a bit of a miss.

The WWE Hall of Fame is one of the highest profile honors in all of wrestling. Starting back in 1993, the Hall of Fame is a great way to honor the stars of the company’s past, but what about others wrestlers? That is where the Legacy Wing, which was introduced in 2016, comes in to play, as it offers a place for non-WWE wrestlers to be honored. One entry didn’t exactly work though.

Earlier this week, WWE introduced the 2021 Legacy Wing Hall of Fame inductees, including Ethel Johnson. However, according to Wrestling Observer Radio, the clips that were aired showed another wrestler by the name of Sandy Parker. Johnson, credited as the first black female wrestler, was not shown in the package. Johnson’s niece responded on Twitter, saying that her family was never contacted about the induction.

The real footage is out there. Check out the actual Johnson:


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