Best Chromebook 2021: the top Chromebooks for kids, students and more

The best Chromebooks have become an integral part of the computing landscape, thanks to their high level of accessibility and affordability. Whether you’re looking for the best Chromebook for work, school, or just to stream some movies in an airport while you wait for your flight, there’s a Chromebook out there with your name on it for a price well below what you’d pay for a more traditional laptop.

That doesn’t mean that a cheap Chromebook is a badly-made laptop, though. Because they run the very lightweight Chrome OS operating system, there isn’t nearly as much system overhead as you’d get with a Windows or macOS laptop. That lets the best Chromebooks get away with using less powerful hardware than traditional laptops but still be able to deliver the kind of user experience that you’d find on a pricier system running a more heavyweight operating system. 

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