Google Maps is about to get even better thanks to the new Street View camera

Google Maps Street View has just turned 15 and Google is using its birthday to announce an all-new camera that will bring the street recording service to new regions.

Previous Street View cameras have been mounted on the back of a came (opens in new tab)l, given a ride on a snowmobile (opens in new tab), and even taken into space (opens in new tab), but there are still a lot of areas that the service hasn’t mapped. According to the official Google blog (opens in new tab), new camera hopes to change that by shrinking the device down to something about the size of a house cat.

Not only is it small, but it’s relatively light too at just 15lbs (6.8Kg) – especially compared to the 44lbs (20Kg) Trekker contraption it uses currently in remote areas. Part of this weight saving is thanks to the camera’s modular design. Rather than being a device that can do everything, and being heavy as a result, this new Street View snapper can be customized allowing mappers to add and remove components as required.

The brand new Street View camera for 2022

(Image credit: Google)

Google hopes that this new lighter design will allow Street View to venture into new regions, like up to mountain peaks or into the heart of rainforests – or even just through a town’s narrower streets.

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