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How To Turn On Fortnite’s Visualize Sound Effects Setting

Competing and winning against up to 99 other players in Fortnite is quite a challenge. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of all the game’s features to help you climb to the top!

One cool feature that can be really useful, especially if you don’t have a good pair of gaming headphones, is Fortnite’s Visualize Sound Effects setting.

Keep reading to find out why/how to turn on the Visualize Sound Effects setting in Fortnite. We’ll also give you a few other helpful tips on the game that might aid you in your next battle royale!

Why Should You Use Fortnite’s Visualize Sound Effects Setting?

As we already mentioned, the main reason to use the Visualize Sound Effects setting in Fortnite is if you aren’t playing with a pair of gaming headphones that let you clearly hear which direction sound effects like footsteps, gunshots, vehicle noises, and healing sounds come from (if you aren’t sure what these sound like, you can Google royalty free sound effects for Fortnite to get an idea).

Hearing the direction of sound effects helps you play Fortnite better by allowing you to track down enemies and set ambushes or snipe them off from a distance. However, gamers without headphones are at a disadvantage because they can’t tell which direction different in-game noises are coming from.

Fortnite’s Visualize Sound Effects solves this by, well, letting you visualize sound effects. What this means is that every time there is a sound effect in the game, an on-screen threat indicator appears and shows you what direction the audio is coming from.

This allows you to determine which direction your enemies are in when they fire their weapons, walk nearby, or perform other actions that trigger sound effects. The Visualize Sound Effects setting also lets you know which direction other features are in, including vehicles, chests, and animals.

How do you turn on the Visualize Sound Effects setting in Fortnite?

So, does all of the above sounds like something that would benefit you, and you’re ready to start using Fortnite’s Visualize Sound Effects feature? Great! Now it’s time to turn the setting on.

To do so, first, go to Fortnite’s settings menu, then scroll over to the speaker icon at the top of the screen. Then, scroll down the menu on the left-hand side of the screen until you land on “Visualize Sound Effects.” Finally, toggle the setting to “on” — it’s as simple as that! Now you’re ready to test out this handy feature in a battle.

Keep in mind that you can’t use both Fortnite’s 3D Audio feature (for headphones) and Fortnite’s Visualize Sound Effects setting at the same time. Visualize Sound Effects automatically turns off the 3D Audio setting, so you can’t take advantage of both tools to gain the upper hand over your competition.

Other Tips for Getting Better at Fortnite

So, now you know how to compensate for not playing Fortnite with headphones by using the Visualize Sound Effects feature, but what about other ways to get better at Fortnite? Here are a few tips to try out the next time you play:

  1. Try playing on different devices
  2. Play with the control sensitivity settings
  3. Wait to jump out of the flying bus
  4. Watch replays when you die

Play on a different device

Sometimes playing Fortnite on a different device can totally change your experience, and you might find that you’re much better on one device compared to another.

For example, if you normally play on a console, try playing on your phone or laptop instead. Experiment with playing on any devices you own that Fortnite is available for to find what works best for you.

Change your control sensitivity

If your control sensitivity is set too high, it can be hard to aim steadily in Fortnite. On the other hand, if they’re too low, you might not be able to react fast enough when you see enemies.

Go to the in-game settings menu and try changing your control sensitivity settings up or down and test them out in a battle to see how it affects your play. Keep tweaking the settings to find the perfect balance.

Don’t jump out of the flying bus right away

Many Fortnite players tend to jump out of the flying bus at the beginning of a match right away. However, when you do this, you’re more likely to land around a bunch of other players and potentially get killed faster.

Instead, wait until the last few seconds to jump out of the flying bus. This increases the likelihood that you won’t have as many players around you when you begin the game, thus boosting your chances for survival.

Watch replays when you get killed

 Instead of hopping right back into playing when you die, take advantage of the replay feature to review how you died. This lets you see your death from your killer’s perspective, so you can evaluate your gameplay and learn from your mistakes.

There you have it, how to use Fortnite’s Visualize Sound Effects setting, plus other tips for becoming a better Fortnite player. Happy gaming and good luck out there!

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