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Mastering SEO: The TRUTH About Duplicate Content

If you want to master the art of SEO, then you have landed in the right place. Today we would tell you about the different tips you can use to improve search engine optimization and cater to duplicate content like a pro. In SEO optimization, there is no end to learning. You must keep on improving and optimizing after each & every step. 

Here we have discussed some seo tips and tools that can help you master seo in a few days.

4 Pro Tips in Mastering SEO!

Here are some tips which you can use to be a pro in search engine optimization!

Website seo checking, also known as site audit, is very important if you want to know about the enhancements you can do to your website. There are many online tools like the seo checker by smallseotools which can help you check your website’s seo score. You can find out the score and find out what works and what doesn’t on your website. The seo checker tools would tell you about the grade of the textual content, the quality of backlinks, the position of keywords, and many other relevant details. 

In search engine optimization improvement, the page loading speed matters a lot. If your page/site takes more than three to four seconds to load, then it means that you won’t be getting much traffic, and your bounce rate would also increase. One should know that if the page loading speed is not optimized, it is not good for your seo score. People today have a small attention span, and therefore you must focus on this aspect if you want to be a Master of It.

 If you want to increase your seo score, then you can easily help yourself by finding the right keywords for your content. Keywords play an especially important role when it comes to targeting the audience. If you want to get organic traffic on your page, you should make sure that you stuff the most densely searched words/phrases. You can find the perfect keywords/phrases for your content if you use the online keyword suggestion/finder tools. The most famous choices include the Google keyword suggestion tool and the keyword finder by searchenginereports.net!

If you want to engage users with your content, then you must make sure that you make it visually pretty. The sole way to do so is with images. Adding unique images to your content would help you in attracting 60% more traffic. Creating/designing unique images is not an easy job. So if you don’t want to waste time learning designing or professional photography, you can easily take help from third-party reverse image search tools. They would provide you relevant and usable images without any hassle.

Problem of Duplicate Content!

Now that you know some of the important ways of optimizing your website, we would like you to know about the biggest problem: a killer for search engine optimization score. Yes! We are talking about content duplication. If you face seo complications, it might be because you might be having plagiarism in your content, or someone might be stealing from you. Let us have a deeper look at this problem and its solutions!

Before we tell you more about duplication, we would like you to know that problem solving is a part of seo, and if you want to become a Master of It, you must be vigilant about all these problems and know their preventions & solutions!

How duplicate content ruins SEO score and your website ranking position?

The main question that might be rising in your mind is why and how duplicate content affects seo? This question is very much concerning because more than 40% of the web content is duplicated from the other 60%, but the search engines are still indexing it. 

The search engines would indeed accept duplicate content, but at the same time, you must know that this kind of content can never be ranked on the top SERPs. 

The reason why duplicate content is not ranked on the top shelves is that it confuses the search engine. Consider two websites A & B. If A is having unique content and is being ranked on the top of the search engine’s ranking and B copies content from A and uses it on its interface, both would have similarities. Now the SERPs is a constant field of battle, and if two websites would have the same content, then the search engine would get confused in ranking one over the other. Instead of getting into this confusion of ranking one site over the other, it would simply suspend both to the lower ranks. 

Here I know that duplication can be both of text and images. 

How to check plagiarism in your content?

If you are suffering from loss in ranks, then the only test you can make to find duplication is with a plagiarism checker tool. There are hundreds of plagiarism checker tools that can help you fight duplicate content. Still, you must always go with the one that provides cost-effective, reliable, secure, and convenient services. Luckily, we have the best plagiarism checker tool for you guys, and below we have listed some of its details!

Try out the amazing utilities by Duplichecker!

The plagiarism checker by Duplichecker is one of the finest tools that can help screen out all sorts of duplications. This is a cloud-based service that can be used on all sorts of devices and operating systems. You need to open it on your browser and enter the content you need to check plagiarism

We recommend you try this tool because it can tell you about the percentage of duplication, but it can also tell you about the exactly matched sources on the web. You can use the results for manual comparison, and with that, you would know whether the duplication found in your content is deliberate or accidental. You can also find out if a website is using your content without crediting your source.

Some features of duplichecker would include:

  1. Deep search 
  2. 24-hour support
  3. Free checking capacity
  4. Accurate reports
  5. No adware
  6. Free grammar checking

For more details about the plagiarism checker, we would suggest you try it out. 

With reverse image search, you can also find out the truth about duplication of images. The tool is free and can be used on any device. You must add your website images in the tool’s interface, or you can also enter the image URL to search by the image. The tool would check your image with its database and would tell you if someone is duplicating it without your permission. Finding image plagiarism has become easy because of the photo lookup tool. 


Duplicate content is a killer as it ruins the credibility of the website and the website owner. You must also know that websites having duplicate content would never have loyal users hooked with them. If you want to find duplication in your content, you should always benefit from the modern image search and plagiarism checker tools. For more information about avoiding plagiarism, we would suggest you stay tuned with us!

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