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Taking your marketing agency to new heights with call tracking

As a marketing agency constantly striving for new and effective ways to manage your clients’ marketing success, there’s one essential tool you need by your side – call tracking software.

With an excellent call tracking platform implemented in your marketing technology stack, you’ll significantly boost operations throughout both your and your client’s marketing efforts. We suggest considering UK call tracking with Mediahawk, for instance.

Read on to learn how this software works, and all the different ways it can take your marketing agency to new heights.

How does call tracking software work?

Call tracking software uses detailed metrics to give you a wide range of data surrounding your client’s customer calls. On top of that, it also delivers thorough reports and insights to give you a complete picture of customer engagement throughout its business.

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The metrics used can give multiple forms of information, such as the caller’s phone number, the length of the calls, the duration of each ring, the overall abandonment rate, and much more.

These insights and reports are key for helping you devise customer journey maps, showing the clear paths of every customer through your client’s marketing channels by displaying every touchpoint they visited before, during, and after they called.

This crucial data is highly beneficial for every type of client, and is essential for improving the way your agency handles their customer engagement, as well as how you elevate their marketing to address this.

How to boost your marketing agency with call tracking

As mentioned above, call tracking is crucial to creating more effective marketing for your clients. Here are some of the ways your agency can do this:

With your call tracking software, you can drastically improve the content of your client’s marketing campaigns, and tailor them to produce maximum engagement.

Using the detailed reports and insights you’ll be able to see which of a client’s marketing campaigns are generating the highest number of leads and sales for their business.

Once you determine this, you can then observe the type of content being produced for these campaigns – i.e., what’s included in these touchpoints that make them so engaging for customers.

This way, you can tailor the content you create for your client’s future campaigns, allowing them to receive a greater number of leads and sales generated from these enhanced campaigns.

Another key component of marketing is knowing how to track your most valuable leads. With call tracking, you can do this as efficiently as possible for all your clients.

One brilliant feature that can be included with call tracking is speech analytics. Using this, you’ll be able to transcribe every customer call a client receives, as well as pick up on any important keywords mentioned in each call.

This way, you’ll have the perfect tools to identify any valuable leads for your client. For instance, this could be any customers who mentioned specific words or phrases which indicate a high interest in purchasing your client’s services.

By revealing valuable leads to your client, you’ll be able to show them which marketing channels are delivering the most engagement for their business.

This is a great way to show them where they should be investing their marketing budget, to help them make more profitable marketing decisions and receive an increased return on investment (ROI).

If you want to take your marketing agency to the next level by giving your clients an unbeatable service and solid peace of mind in your expertise, then call tracking software is the way to go.

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