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The Complex Relationship Between Elias Toufexis and Eidos Montreal: Navigating the Legacy of Adam Jensen in Deus Ex”

Actor Elias Toufexis gained significant recognition for his portrayal of the rugged-voiced cyborg Adam Jensen in Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex prequel games. Despite his enthusiasm for discussing the character and its potential future, Toufexis reveals that the studio, which owns the franchise, prefers him to minimize such discussions.

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Elias Toufexis

However, Toufexis is not limited to a single role. Recently, he made an appearance in Starfield as the endearing bi space cowboy Sam Cole, and he is set to feature in the upcoming season of Star Trek: Discovery as the new alien character, L’ak. Nevertheless, his portrayal of Adam Jensen in Human Revolution (2011) and Mankind Divided (2016) remains one of his most celebrated roles, even though a new Deus Ex game featuring the cyborg has not emerged in nearly a decade. Despite this hiatus, Toufexis continues to talk about Jensen, much to the apparent displeasure of Eidos Montreal.

In a recent interview with PCGamesN, Toufexis suggests that his relationship with Deus Ex developer and owner Eidos Montreal may not be as positive as fans might assume. He notes that after 2016, the studio ceased direct communication with him. Toufexis claims that all information he receives about Deus Ex and the studio’s future projects comes from informal conversations with “friends” off the record.

Toufexis recalls the last direct contact from the studio in 2020, where they requested him to refrain from discussing Adam Jensen in interviews and podcasts. According to him, Eidos Montreal aimed to shift the focus to other aspects of the studio. Toufexis interprets this as a testament to Jensen’s enduring popularity.

While it appears unlikely that Eidos Montreal will release another Deus Ex game in the near future, Toufexis, in a Reddit post on February 7, expressed readiness to bid farewell to the beloved Jensen character. He indicates that Jensen’s story seems concluded, and even though a canceled game disappointed him, he remains hopeful that the challenging landscape of the video game industry will eventually stabilize. Toufexis appreciates the enduring support from fans and acknowledges the special place Adam Jensen holds in his heart.

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