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Andor’s 10th episode is incredible, but it’s not the end of the season just yet

Andor capped off an all-time great storyline in episode 10 of its first season. Without giving too much away, it would be pretty understandable to assume that an episode that good might be the finale to a whole season of television — especially given how many seasons of TV end at episode 10. However, to the benefit of everyone watching the show, episode 10 is not the end of Andor season 1.

Instead, Andor’s first season will feature 12 episodes, meaning that we’ve likely got one full story arc left after the conclusion of episode 10 — if the show’s structure up to this point is any indication. The first season’s story has already taken Cassian all over the galaxy on various missions for the newly emerging rebellion, and given viewers key insights into how the Empire grew in the waning days of the Galactic Republic. And we’re likely to go even deeper in the show’s upcoming second season.

Season 2, which has already been shot, will feature 12 episodes, just like the first. It will also conclude the series — even if it won’t bring Cassian’s story to a close (since that’s Rogue One’s job). While there’s no official release date yet for Andor season 2, expect it to roll around sometime next year.

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