Thunder and Hurricanes players forced to dodge swooping birds during WBBL

The dangers of playing cricket, or really going outside at all, at this time of year have been laid bare after the WBBL clash between the Thunder and Hurricanes turned into a mission to avoid copping a beak to the face. 

Just before the clash between Sydney and Hobart kicked off at Blacktown Oval, some particularly territorial plover parents showed that we are very much in swooping season.

As Thunder players tried to take up their positions in the field, the plovers took aim, with the players doing their best to get out of the way.

Sammy-Jo Johnson dove onto her belly, while Sam Bates and Lauren Smith huddled together in an apparent strength-in-numbers approach.


In the outfield, Phoebe Litchfield showed off her fleet feet as she sprinted, ducked and slid every which way while getting swooped.

Groundskeepers and umpires tried to figure out some sort of solution, but ultimately the game had to go on with some intermittent attacks by the birds.

Proving they were not just targeting the Thunder, the birds set their sights on Hurricanes opener Elyse Villani, who came under fire as she was walking off after getting out in the sixth over.


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When birds attacked the WBBL

Ultimately, the Hurricanes romped home, scoring 7-144 from their 20 overs before bowling the Thunder out for just 95.

Villani’s opening partner, Lizelle Lee, was named player of the match for her 41 off 29, while the Thunder were consigned to their third straight loss to start the season.

It is not the first time a cricket match has been interrupting by wildlife, with bees, dogs and even locusts halting play in the past.

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