Bill Gates issues stark warning that hard work of zero emissions has ‘barely begun’

The Microsoft co-founder said achieving zero emissions would entail putting in hard work across all the categories and not just the “easy categories”. The billionaire philanthropist, who has been outspoken in the fight against climate change, made the remarks during a video conference hosted by the Economic Club of New York earlier this month.

He said: “To get to zero [emissions], you can’t leave the hard categories alone.

“We’ve put all the effort into the easy categories of cars and power generation.

“In the hard categories, the work has barely, barely begun.

“You don’t get success unless you cover them all.”

Mr Gates elaborates on this argument in chapter 10 of his new book, ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need’.

Last Month, Mr Gates threw his support behind plans to reduce global warming using chalk.

The project would see a large balloon containing chalk being released near the Arctic town of Kiruna.

The balloon could be used to sprinkle calcium carbonate, or chalk dust, which could potentially deviate some of the sun’s energy, decreasing Earth’s temperatures.

As well as voicing his support, Mr Gates was one of the private donors who contributed to making the plans possible.

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