My hack for cleaning your shower’s glass doors is a game changer

A YOUTUBER shared her hack for cleaning your shower’s glass doors and it’s a game changer.

Heather Bray creates home and beauty content for her over 9,000 subscribers on YouTube.


A YouTuber shared her special hack on how to get spotless glass shower doors with just two itemsCredit: Youtube/Heather Bray

She has a series on her channel where she cleans around her home and features her favorite products and tips.

In a short clip, Heather shared what she calls a “game-changing” cleaning hack for shower glass doors.

The first thing she grabs is a super fine steel wool pad to ensure she doesn’t scratch the glass.

Then Heather uses Bar Keepers Friend spray and foam cleaner and uses circular motions when cleaning the glass door.

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When she rinses it off, she’s left with a spotless door, cutting her cleaning time in half.

The video gained about 1,000 views in one day and Heather averages about 4,000 to 5,000 views with her shorter clips.

Meanwhile, a cleaning pro shared their tip on how to remove yellow stains on mattresses in seconds with just two common household items.

Third-generation janitor and founder of Clean That Up, Brandon Pleshek, shares cleaning tips for common messes and focused on stubborn mattress stains.

“Here’s a quick and easy way to get rid of yellow spots on your mattress,” he said in an Instagram Reel.

“Spray the spot with hydrogen peroxide,” Brandon said while holding up a generic brand from Target. It costs just $1 for 32 ounces.

Then, he said: “Then take your damp towel and work it in with a little gentle scrubbing.”

While Brandon didn’t specify whether a certain towel would be better for the job than others, he used his company’s branded microfiber cloth.

He scrubbed in the hydrogen peroxide by using a back-and-forth motion with the towel over the stain.

“And it’s completely gone,” Brandon said while he showed the clean mattress.

Heather Bray uses a super fine steel wool pad and Bar Keepers Friend cleaner to cut her cleaning time in half


Heather Bray uses a super fine steel wool pad and Bar Keepers Friend cleaner to cut her cleaning time in halfCredit: Youtube/Heather Bray

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