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Do You Want To Know The No. 1 Online Dating MistakeMen Make After Their Divorce?

It’s The Reason 10% Of The MenAre Dating 90% Of The Women Online(According To Research)

Correct This Simple Thing And Be Out On Multiple Dates This Weekend

My 20-year marriage came crashing down
around me after I discovered her affair…
I couldn’t close my eyes to the clues any longer.

The day-long shopping trips…
The late nights out with friends…
The texts held close to the vest, just out of my sight…
When the business conferences started happening more frequently,
I searched for details…
The same guy’s name kept showing up here and there.
I assumed it was a high school friend of hers…
It wasn’t.
It was my family doctor.
(Honestly, you can’t make this s*** up!)I remember sitting at my kitchen table with my head in
my hands wondering how we got to this point.It was a betrayal on so many levels…
I fought back my initial reaction to straighten things out
with him face-to-face. I realized that would make me the
bad guy…and it would have been tough explaining an arrest
to my kids just when they needed me most.

I took the smart route.
She had more money and better attorneys, so the assault
on my confidence started early and often.
I was publicly berated for my income and she flaunted her
affair openly now…
It was brutal…
After it was over and done with, I felt worthless.
My self-esteem was in the gutter…
If you’ve ever been there, you know what I mean…
The rejection can make you feel like you’re sinking in
quicksand with no rescue in sight.

For the longest time, I thought I was going to be alone forever.
Like I wasn’t good enough…
Then just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I got kicked
in the face…again.
This time it was on my first date after my divorce.

And she publicly crushed me.
Ripping away the last shred of dignity I had left..
But this nightmare date eventually led me to discover the secret
behind drawing women towards you automatically…like moths to a flame.
In fact, they’ll end up fighting for your time and attention.
And as you’ll see, it works for any guy…
It doesn’t matter what you look like or how much money you make.

Here’s how the disaster unfolded…
I had been divorced for about six months and was struggling to
get replies from anyone on dating apps with any true potential…
But, that was about to change…

Her name was Ana.
Just gorgeous…
She was Brazilian and owned her own business.
Lean and athletic looking.
Quick-witted and funny.
She was one of those younger “upper echelon” women I was hoping for……
After a few texts, we were able to line up our schedules and set
up a date.

I convinced myself there was still hope!

I couldn’t wait…
I finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel…
When she walked in I said to myself, “Wow! She looks even
better than her pictures!”
This was going to be great…

I gave her a quick hug and we sat down,
ordered a drink, and started chatting.
Hell, even her accent was hot!

And just when I thought things were getting good…
She dropped a bomb on me…
I was in the middle of a sentence and she let out a sigh
and said, “Listen, this was a mistake.”
I saw the bartender’s eyes shoot over in our direction…

“You seem like a nice guy, but I’m not feeling it.

I don’t want to waste our time. I shouldn’t have come

“You seem like a nice guy, but I’m not feeling it.
I don’t want to waste our time. I shouldn’t have come
in the first place.”

I couldn’t believe she was saying this
less than five minutes into our date…
She stood up, made a beeline for the door, hopped in her car, and took off.
She didn’t slap me across the face, but it sure felt like it!

She “never should have come”?

Wait…was this a pity date?

What little confidence I had left vanished..
It felt like everyone in the bar was staring at me.
They were so embarrassed for me they turned their eyes away..
I felt my face getting flush…
I felt my humiliated…almost nauseous!
She was the first woman I felt a connection with since my divorce.
But she dismissed me in a heartbeat.
Letting me know I wasn’t even in her league.
Then came the crushing realization…My ideal woman wants nothing to do with me!

I whispered to myself, “What the f*** is wrong with you?”

How did you misread this so badly?
What the hell did I say that made her run out the door?
I tossed some money on the bar, tried to pretend I wasn’t upset and got out of
there as fast as I could.
If this had been my first bad experience, I would have been able to write it off.

But it wasn’t…
There was also “Disappearing Donna” who left to go to the bathroom and never came back…

Twice before that, I started what I thought was a good
conversation online only to get ghosted almost immediately…

It didn’t help that I heard my ex was out on the town with other guys…doing “whatever”…

And here I was striking out left and right…

Suddenly attracting a decent woman felt impossible…
I wasn’t getting any responses to the messages I was sending…
And I was sending plenty.What the hell was I doing wrong?
Was it all me?

It was going to be a while before I could trust anyone again…
But after everything quieted down, I realized something…
As gut-wrenching as my divorce was, I didn’t want to spend
the rest of my life alone…
One of those bitter old dudes sitting at the bar by myself.
That visual scared me to death.
I wanted someone in my life…
Someone to share things with…
Someone to help me figure out how to have fun again…
I had to figure this out somehow.

What I was doing now sure as hell wasn’t working…

I was flailing away in the dark
Embarrassing myself at every turn

Hi, I’m Art McDermott.
I’m 58 years old and divorced.

As embarrassing as it is, that’s exactly how my
“last straw” date with Ana ended…
And even though it was
a brutal experience, I’m kind of glad it happened…
Truthfully, I should track her down and thank her, because after
this night everything changed.

She forced me to realize something…I’d lost it.

I’d lost that “primal persuasion”

I’d lost that “primal persuasion” women want to feel…

Without knowing it, I was giving off powerful “repulsion triggers”
with every word in my profile, my messages, and my conversations…

That’s why I was running into a brick wall in dating.

I had no “game” whatsoever…

It was painfully obvious to every woman who came across my
profile that I had zero confidence whatsoever.

I needed a way to bounce back…
I was desperate to get out of this low point.

The loneliness was getting to me.
Spending Friday night alone watching Sons of Anarchy reruns…

Grilling by myself on the deck, drinking wine, and feeling sorry for myself…
Constantly checking my phone for replies that never came…

I was stuck in a downward cycle of negativity.

I needed to establish my own “dating comeback”.

Stick with me for a few minutes…

I’ll show you how I learned how to turn off
those written and verbal
“stop signs” permanently and finally attract women
towards me with just a few simple steps…

I walk you through exactly how I learned to
project unshakable self-confidence…

…wiped away any trace of that pathetic guy sitting alone at the bar…
…and started dating women who were finally chasing me down..
And I want to show you how you can do it too!

“I’m painfully aware that after a divorce, it can be a struggle to find dates.”

You can feel like you’re invisible…especially to the type of women you want to be with…

And even if you do attract some interest here and there, it’s never
anyone you’d take seriously…

The women you really want to be
with pass you by constantly.

You don’t want to admit it, but to most

women, you’re a “swipe left”!

You don’t want to admit it, but to most
women, you’re a “swipe left”!

It would be easy to get pissed off…
After all, it crushes your ego…

But guess what?It’s not their fault and it’s not your fault (mostly)

And it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor,
older or younger, in shape or a little pudgy…

What you don’t realize is that–more likely than not–your
words are the exact opposite of what your ideal woman is looking for.

Here’s the reality.

What you think is a perfectly normal
profile, message, or text can shut a woman down instantly…

It’s like you flip on a “repulsion trigger” every
time you reach out to someone you’re attracted to…

It wasn’t until a phone call with an
ex of mine slapped me on the side of my head, took me out of
“swipe left mode”, and changed everything!

First, I have a little confession to make.
I’ve been divorced twice.

My first wife and I were both very young and we parted ways after a couple of years…

No kids. No assets. No harm. No foul.

But the cool part is, we still keep in touch.
A text here…

A phone call there…

Just to see how life’s going.

After my disaster date with Ana, I needed an ego boost, so I gave her a call.

I was pissing and moaning about the date and she interrupted me and said,

You’re kinda tough to listen to right now.

This doesn’t sound like you.

What do you mean?

When we were together, you sounded different.

You could own a room.

You oozed confidence. I loved that.

You gave off this primal persuasion with every
word out of your mouth. I couldn’t wait to get you home.

Now, not so much…

(This ego boost was not going well…)

She asked me, “What the hell happened?”

I’ve been asking myself the same thing,

My divorce took a lot out of me and the last 10 years
of my marriage really beat me down.

I’m sure. But a lot of people get divorced.

So what now? You need to take a good look at the
message you’re putting out there.


But she was dead right.

That phone call forced me to reevaluate the entire persona I was putting out there.

I didn’t see it at first…

And here’s why…

The only approach that gets a woman’s attention flies in the face of
everything we’re told by so-called “relationship experts”…
Everything you read on dating sites…

And is the polar opposite of the advice you’ll find inside those absurd dating products and videos.

Stick with me and I’ll explain…
I want to show you what I discovered on my journey from
“invisible” to “in-demand”.

Here are some of the powerful things I was finally able to piece together…

And before we go any further, let me
address those questions rolling around your head…

If you’ve been out there dating for any length of time, you’ve
likely looked at dating solutions before.

I know I did.

Everyone one of them was so superficial, I found myself rolling my eyes.

A lot of them revolve around saying the “magic words”
that make her rip her clothes off and beg for sex.
(We all know it just doesn’t work that way)

Or how to manipulate her emotions to get her to “do things”…

One even suggested it was OK to lie to a woman’s face to get what you wanted.


It was no wonder guys in our situation are so jaded!
These approaches are embarrassingly off target…

Especially with the type of woman you want to be with.

As you’ll see, the solution is right in front of your face…
Hidden in plain sight.

It took a lot of testing and research, but I discovered the
“on-off switch” for a woman’s attention.

This switch decides instantly if a woman is drawn to you…

Or if you’ll spend another weekend alone.
Listen, if you’re tired of your ideal woman completely ignoring you…

If you’ve tried (and failed) with other dating options before…

If you refuse to waste another night alone or with a woman you have ZERO interest in…

And you’re ready to finally meet the woman of your dreams after your divorce…

You’ll want to hear this…

I spent the rest of the night thinking about what my ex said.

I couldn’t stand the thought

I couldn’t stand the thought
of ending up alone…

Or faking my way through another half-assed relationship.

The next morning I shut down my dating profile and got to work…

I reassessed everything.

I approached it like I did my teaching.

I spent eight years as an adjunct professor at the University of
Massachusetts, so I know how to do the research.

Since it was clear whatever I was saying during those initial
critical conversations was a complete turn-off,
I started there.
It turns out 20 years of marriage crushed any writing or
speaking skills I may have had at one point.

I made a study of “what’s working now” around the tactics of messaging,
texting, and “magnetic conversation” and set out to master it…

But there was another step I had to complete before I sent a single message…

I had to back up a step and learn how to write a
profile that stopped my ideal woman in her tracks and make her
want to know more about me.

I spent countless hours reading hundreds of profiles, taking
notes on the common
mistakes guys make, and breaking down the “high response”
profiles of the guys who were “killing it” in the dating world.

And as you’ll see, I did a pretty damn good job

I obsessed over every detail.

All this research led to some incredible revelations about
human conversation and what grabs a woman’s attention.

I discovered just how easy it was
to draw beautiful women towards
you like a magnet.

She doesn’t even realize she’s doing it.
I figured out exactly what to say to get her completely focused on me, wanting to
find out more about me, AND eager to take things to the next level.

I even gave my project a name…“The Dating Comeback”

Armed with my new expertise, it was time to
get back out there.

What I quickly realized is that most guys spend
little or no time on the ONE THING that
determines if a woman will reply or show
any interest…Your profile combined with those first few critical messages and texts”…

I rewrote my online profile from top to
bottom using research, consulting
writing experts, and a lot of trial and error.

The result?

I started getting the replies

I wanted within 2 hours of setting

I started getting the replies
I wanted within 2 hours of setting
this process in motion.

And I’m talking about extraordinary women.

I even recognized a 47-year-old woman I had contacted months back who
didn’t realize she’d turned me down before.
I deleted her this time around.

I simply had too many options!

I became the “picker” as it’s called…

I made the choices.

Suddenly my love life (and my sex life) was on fire again!

Of course, not everyone you meet out there is “the one.”

But here’s the amazing part…

If I was dating someone and I decided she wasn’t “the one”…

I could repeat my process with another high-value woman whenever I wanted.

I simply followed the templates and messaging patterns I had created
that got the most “hits.”

I’m the one who decides who’s a waste of time and who’s not.

When women started replying in big numbers, I realized
I could be more and more selective about who I gave my time to…

One side note: The women reaching out to me started to get younger and
younger! I wasn’t intentionally looking for younger women, it
just happened…

And that was fine with me.

Suddenly I wasn’t so resentful when I heard through the grapevine
about the “adventures” my recent ex was having already…
My patience paid off.
My simple approach proved to me how silly, and even unethical,
traditional dating solutions were.

The stupid games you’re told you need to play…

Endless texting and “love bombing”…

Moronic pickup lines from dating products.

What a complete waste of time!

Women see through that crap in a heartbeat.

With the right words, you express that “primal
persuasion” my ex talked about.
(I loved that term and made it my mantra.)

And now you can too.

Listen, men and women choose who they want to be with in an instant.

And once you shut down your ‘repulsion triggers”
and reclaim that “primal persuasion”, the rest falls into place.

Without realizing it before, you’ve been missing
that one piece of the puzzle.The piece that makes a woman stop
and take notice…

But it happens BEFORE a single
word is spoken.

Ask yourself this, what’s the first thing a woman sees from you online?Your Pictures and your Profile.

Your “Dating Comeback” starts the moment she sees

your profile and continues through your first

conversation, your first date, and your first night together!

Your “Dating Comeback” starts the moment she sees
your profile and continues through your first
conversation, your first date, and your first night together!

The problem is, most guys never realize they’re out of the running even before they sit down!

Like I was…

Heck, most guys never even get a date with the woman of their dreams.
One quick swipe left and it’s over.

The real problem is that you’re putting a message
out there that you THINK is perfectly normal but the woman feels an
immediate disinterest.

This could be something in your profile, in a text message, or face-to-face.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s the exact opposite of what a woman wants to feel, hear, and see.

Every woman makes instinctive, biology-driven decisions.

This is especially true with socially-savvy women who get approached all the time.

These women have a ton of experience reading men (and reading profiles)…

This experience means they aren’t falling for some bullshit line or “magic phrase”.

Those childish tricks drive women away instantly.

I discovered that it’s possible to shut
down your “repulsion triggers”
and throw your “primal persuasion” into overdrive.

Imagine the power of knowing how to control those
instinctive decisions she’s making!

It all comes down to understanding the importance of the words you put out there.

Imagine having your ideal woman reaching out to you…

…instead of sitting on the sidelines while
another guy takes her home!

How great would it be to have 2, 3, 4, or more
attractive women eager to connect with you?!

Not to mention the massive ego boost you’d feel running into your ex
with a gorgeous young woman on your arm…

(Hey, that may sound petty, but it’s human nature!)

Think about every time you sat down and pulled out your phone
to either swipe right or swipe left on a series of profiles…

You scan through pictures and make a split-second decision about a potential mate.


Well, she’s doing the same thing!

Except women receive far more messages than men do.

She’s looking for a reason to swipe

left and delete messages.

She’s looking for a reason to swipe left and delete messages.

She gets just as excited as you do when
she sees a profile or message that stands out from the masses.

Shouldn’t that be you!

I think so…

Now it can be.

I was able to put a powerful system together that upgrades
everything you put out there.

And it can happen quickly.

Speed and simplicity sit at the core of
what I started calling the
“Dating Comeback Master Class”.

At first, I was going to keep my solution private.

After all, there’s nothing more personal than dating.

So, I kept dating whoever I wanted to date, whenever I wanted to…

It’s a great feeling knowing I get to pick from all the best prospects
out there whenever the mood struck me.Then something happened
that convinced me to pass along everything I had learned…

One of my best friends got divorced a few years
before I did.

And in all those years of being single again, he has zero luck finding
a woman that rocked his world…

Someone he could build the second half of his life with…

Someone who could make him happy again…

Finding the right woman meant the world to him.

He tried to hide it, but I felt his frustration and loneliness.

It was eating him up inside.

He was an average looking guy with an okay job.
Yet, he was struggling to get women to reply to him and go out…

But again, it was only partly his fault!
I don’t need to tell you, going through a divorce takes the wind out of your sails.

If you go through a tough divorce and
then struggle to find someone new,
your confidence drops like a stone.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what income you make…
Or what you look like…

Women can tell when you’re “off” and want no part of you.

Every word in my buddy’s profile and every message he sent pushed women away…

There was no way I could sit back and watch my buddy go through this without
saying anything…

I asked him if he’d be willing to try something new.
He agreed.

So, I walked him through my process.

And he followed my recommendations exactly…

We completely revamped his profile and replaced the crappy pictures he had out there.

I helped him upgrade his messages, helped him see the dos and don’ts of messaging and texting…

It didn’t take long, just one afternoon over a few beers…

It worked even better than I expected!

He started getting replies almost immediately.

He showed me some of the text exchanges he was having…

…and I couldn’t believe the number of attractive women reaching out to him.

Then, within about two months,
he struck relationship gold!

Now, whenever our friends get together, he can’t
wipe the smile from his face.

And you can see why…

He’s sitting next to a smokin’ hot woman, 12 years younger than
him, who feels the same way about him.

He’s never been happier!

It makes me feel great knowing I helped him turn things around.

And he hasn’t been shy about telling other guys about the program.

So much so that I had to formalize everything.

That’s how “The Dating Comeback” was born!

The “Dating Comeback Master Class” is for men who are
serious about dating their ideal woman by upgrading their profiles,
as well as their messages, conversations, and dating strategies.

But before I rolled this out to anyone else, two key conditions had to be met:

It had to fit easily into your life.
We all have full schedules and responsibilities.

It had to be simple and effective.

None of the tactics in the Master Class require more
than a few minutes to complete.

It has to provide results quickly.
I wasn’t looking to build out some long, drawn-out process…
No one wants to waste another year alone or with someone you don’t feel great about.

Can you imagine turning your dating life upside down
in just a few days!

There’s no reason this can’t happen for you.

Seeing that lustful look in her eyes…

Consistently spending night after night with the right

But before you step back into the fray, you MUST have
each piece of this program in place!

Unless you want to end up right back where you started…



And resentful because you’re still passed over constantly.

With these conditions in mind, I designed the program…

Here’s what’s included in the
“Dating Comeback Master Class”

Instant access to all four “High-Value Dating Master Class” modules.

That’s right.
You can start implementing change today!
Within minutes, you’ll receive an email with a link to all your downloads

The dos and don’ts of messaging and texting…

The conversation triggers…

The sample profile layouts…

The photo recommendations…

All of it!
Your transformation will unfold as quickly as you like…
I mean as little as one day…
This Master Class is an overview of the simple stuff that guys get wrong all the time.
These mistakes can cost you the chance to attract the woman of your dreams.
Things like:

And a LOT more.

We’ll show you EXACTLY what to say in the key initial exchanges
so she’ll be drawn towards you…

These “done for you” texts and messages remove any initial
awkwardness and start things off in the right direction!

This Master Class covers all those little things that make the
hottest women out there “stop the scroll” to check you out.

But screw these things up and you become “undateable” in an instant!

It’s my recommendation that you take down
your profile TODAY until you get these things in place!

When you have unshakable confidence on
your side, there’s no stopping you.

And attractive women can sense it immediately.

This is the definition of “primal persuasion”…

This is what the program is all about

She’ll want to know more about you before a single word is spoken.Stick to the plan and your results WILL follow.

Remember, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

We’ve structured things to make this system “foolproof”.The Dating Comeback Master Class helps you create unstoppable momentum.

Your “repulsion triggers” vanish.

“primal persuasion” emerges.

Women who used to pass you by in an instant
swipe left, now pause and take notice.

Seriously?Can you afford to blow the chance at attracting the woman of your
dreams by resorting to some silly tactic like that?

That’s a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Yours and hers.

Life’s too short for that!

The only true urgency here is you.

How much longer will you tolerate missed connections…

The dismissive texts…

The embarrassing mismatches on dates you never should have agreed to…

The lonely nights scrolling through profiles…

Waiting for the right woman to finally reply to you…

Listen, I’ve poured everything I’ve learned throughout my 30+ year career into this training.

You’ll benefit from what I learned from painful
embarrassment, a devastating divorce, and my experience
helping countless men meet women who used to look the
other way.

You’ll have access to all the proven
dating tactics to eliminate the slip-ups most divorced guys over 45 make every day!

So why am I so motivated to put this product
out there in the first place?

Is it because I like
to see people happy?

Well sure.

That’s always a rewarding thing…

But there’s more to it than that.

I’m a divorced guy in my 50’s—actually almost 60–
who lost my way.

I’ve felt that painful isolation and rejection…
And to make matters worse, I was an uber-confident guy at
one point in my life.

I was assertive and in control…

But I endured years of negativity at home…
I let a bad marriage beat me down…

My health and mental strength suffered…

My marriage finally ended in a brutal divorce and
I found myself lost and struggling.

It was like I faded into the background when I was in
a crowded room.
I retreated.

I had no self-esteem and it showed…

Not exactly the stuff of wild romance…

My only saving grace was that I was fortunate enough to have
the experience and knowledge to turn things around.

And it’s time for you to reap the benefits!

Just like I did…

Because my ideal “payback” finally happened…

One fateful night I ran into my ex and her boyfriend at
an upscale bar in the Seaport district in Boston.

I was as caught off guard as she was–her doctor friend
just looked scared…

My ex thought I was there alone…

But that smug look on her face changed to shock when my
date came back from the lady’s room.

Elsa was a stunning five-foot, ten-inch tall fitness
model, with just a hint of her native Swedish accent…

My ex’s jaw hit the floor and you’ve never seen two people
pay their tab and leave so quickly.

I just smiled…

And took Elsa straight home to my place.

During my research, guess how many programs
I found for divorced guys over 45 who want to feel great
about themselves again, give off a head-turning aura,
and date the most desirable woman in our society?

That’s right.

Exactly none.

I’m determined to fill that void and help guys
like you make the “comeback” you deserve!

I decided I want more for this program.

I wanted to over-deliver

I wanted “best in class”…

Something so superior that buying this Master Class would
be a “no brainer”.
Besides, if you sit at home doing nothing, nothing will ever change!

Why does this program give you such an advantage?

Every other divorced guy out there

Every other divorced guy out there
is doing it all wrong. He’s clueless!

Your “competition” has no idea what to say or
even what pictures to upload.

That’s great because this is what makes it so easy for you…

These guys are repelling her with every word out of their mouth.

You’ll be the one grabbing her emotions by the hand so she’s immediately drawn to you.

If you’re still sitting on the fence I want to show you something…

I didn’t stop at the contents we’ve listed so far.

I went overboard.

Because I wanted the “ Dating Comeback Master Class” to be the absolute
top-level dating tool in the industry…

I’ve added a couple of extras…

BONUS #1The Divorced Man’s Guide to
Dating Younger Women

Listen, there’s nothing like the enthusiasm of a
younger woman.

How they look…

How they move…

How they act…

Being around them can brighten your whole day…but dating them is a lot
more fun!
Most guys fantasize about dating younger women…
But they rarely if ever act on it.

They don’t understand that…
Women are eager for the chance to meet an older guy who
has his act together!

It’s imprinted in their DNA.

Above all things, women LOVE it when they know their man can
take care of them.

This is something they just can’t get from younger guys.

Older guys have a way of speaking that shows maturity…
And experience…

Once you know the right things to say, the rest is easy.

With this Guide, we’ve done all the research for you!

We’ll show you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to
attracting and dating younger women.

This Guide the “done-for-you”, easy to follow conversations,
messages and texts

And just as important, we’ll also dive into the things NOT to say…

How to avoid the words and phrases that get you labeled as “creepy guy”.

This is incredibly important because once that red flag goes up, it’s all over.

If you love the idea of dating women, 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years your junior, this
Guide is for you!

BONUS #2Sex Coaching With Caitlin V!

This one may seem a little unusual…
If you’re over 45 and divorced you may have been intimate
with only a handful of women in the past decade…
or even longer. When you meet a new woman, how confident are you that
you can “rock her world” sexually when the time comes?

After all, who DOESN’T want to make a spectacular first impression in bed?!

I convinced sex coach Caitlyn V to do a special interview that’s
ONLY available to guys in my Dating Comeback Master Class.

And let me tell you…she over-delivered!

How to have unshakeable confidence with a new woman…

The right way to tease her into a frenzy…

Dealing with performance issues…

If you’re getting ignored by high-value
women, it may be because you make the 5 cliché mistakes
so many guys make.
Avoiding these 5 crucial errors puts you ahead of 95% of your
“competition”.I called this report,

“Learn How To Avoid the 5 Major Mistakes That Make You Undateable!”

Every man should have this information
BEFORE they reach out to a gorgeous woman they want to meet.

In fact, you should have this information in hand BEFORE you
even put your profile out there!

Stop self-sabotage!

Read this guide.

Cut to the front of the line!

The information in this document saves
wasted time and money and prevents you from becoming a
“stale listing” who gets completely ignored.

An invitation to join our Private Facebook group

You’ll be part of a supportive
community of guys in the same position you are, looking for
the same results and with the same end goal in mind.
You’ll have free access to the group for 45 days – about the time
it takes for your transformation.

Once inside, you’ll get “live” interaction with myself,
other coaches from the program as well as other guys
just like you facing the same struggles and gaining
similar victories!SPECIAL NOTE: As an added benefit, Caitlyn V has agreed to
do a monthly Q&A to help every guy who buys the Dating Comeback
Master Class be his absolute best between the sheets

Our Guarantee(Yes, I used the word “Guarantee”!)

If you’re like most people, you’re skeptical when it comes to
a product or service like the “Dating Comeback Master Class”.

You may have tried dating products before…maybe several of them.

But the fact that you’re reading this now tells me they didn’t work.

Well, I’m not surprised by that.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the options out there are completely inadequate…

This begs the question…

“How do you guarantee a program like this?”

Tough one.

I have no way of knowing if anyone would lie to me to get their money back.

There are guys out there who would do that, I’m sure.

But I’m willing to bet you’re not one of them.

So, here’s what I’ve decided to do.

“If you implement all the recommended changes
and still decide my “Dating Comeback Master Class” did nothing for you…

Fair enough?

I hope you think so.

I can’t take back the information you’ve acquired, the
templates you’ve used, the sample messages you’ve sent,
and all the bonuses, etc.

But I believe so strongly in this product, I’m willing to take that chance.

All the risk is on me…for a full 365 days.

As it should be.

If you’ve read enough, click the button below this screen…

At this point, you’ve got to make a choice…

You can do nothing and let the current pattern continue…

Sit around waiting for replies from women who continue to ignore you

Or take action today and change how
every woman perceives you.

You can shut down the “repulsion triggers”…

Regain confidence…

And start to exude the “primal persuasion” you thought was
long gone through everything you say and everything you do…

You’ll finally have your pick of women you’re excited to be with…

One who greets you in her own special way at the end of the day…

One who makes those long weekends away incredibly exciting…and exhausting.

The choice is yours.

Isn’t it time you turned post-divorce

dating into a positive experience you

have complete control over?

Isn’t it time you turned post-divorce
dating into a positive experience you
have complete control over?

Do you want to feel what it’s like
to become “the picker” –the guy who has his choice of attractive women?

If so, find out what it’s like to have women stop the
scroll and take notice…

You can either continue to struggle with the same problem
or you could be laying next to the woman of your dreams.

Your choice.

So PLEASE, if you realize your health and happiness are worth it…

Grab my Dating Comeback Master Class right away.

Oh and just so you know…after a few
months of dating some of the most incredible women I’d ever met,
I found a fantastic relationship.

She’s 44. Smart, successful, and super fit.

She’s rockin’ the abs and stays over my place every chance
she gets…

Recently I asked her what made her attracted to me and
her exact words, “I’m not sure. You just drew me in.”


Process proven.

It’s time to lose the uncertainty…

Rebuild your confidence…

And give off primal persuasion she can’t ignore.

Without spending hours online…

Without wasting night after night meeting complete mismatches…

And without turning your schedule upside down to make all the
improvements you want…

Even if you’ve tried other approaches and got nowhere…
Even if you believe meeting attractive women is nearly impossible…

And even if you’re ready to swear off online dating forever!

If you’re ready to “nix the swipe left”,
and be that guy who has women reaching out to you, this Master
Class is for you…

And if you’re tired of being overlooked by women you KNOW
could be a great match for you, this Master Class is for you…

And finally, if you’re putting your “B” game out there and
expecting “A” level women to beat a path to your door,
this Master Class is definitely for you!!

My name is Art McDermott.

And I want you to know that I understand first-hand how
emotional this issue can be.

The Dating Comeback Master Class can help.

I appreciate your time and I look forward to working with you.

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