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CBD Oil For Dogs – A Knowledge Base For Pet Owners

Since the Farm Bill was passed back in 2018, the popularity of CBD and CBD products has skyrocketed and those countries which have not yet legalized it are also on the bandwagon of hoping it gets done soon, and rightly so.

The Farm Bill, click here for more, states that the US government has recognized the benefits and uses of hemp for both agriculture, as well as the farming sectors, and the FDA (Food and Drug Association) has agreed it be treated much like any other substance. Which will protect both patients and medical institutions from mistreating it.

Hemp, which is also referred to as cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) with low concentrations of THC is allowed in consumer products, however, it needs to be below 0.3%. in most states, it has become an option for those who are seeking to alleviate certain health conditions and ailments such as cancer, anxiety, pain and even research is undergoing for its treatment on patients suffering from seizures and epilepsy.

But what about our animals? Some holistic veterinarians deem it as a wonder drug however some are still unsure. This article takes a look at some of the things we do know to give you further insight into this hemp plant natural extract when it comes to our dogs.

CBD for Dogs

Cannabinoids or CBD has so far been seen to have over 100 different chemical compounds in them. Derived from the marijuana plant, the green stuff when extracted and separated from its partner compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is famous for being a non-psychotic substance. However, when more than 0.3% of THC is included in the mix, it can affect people and animals in certain ways, which is why it is always recommended to use it wisely and with less than 0.3% of THC in any product.

Because it shares specific metabolic pathways with certain classes of drugs for instance the Class A drugs, also known as NSAIDs, is have been allowed with a precaution for people to use. The pathways are known to control many bodily functions and so it is always advisable to pay heed to manufacturers’ instructions when giving your canine any product with these substances in it.

 Using It With Other Therapies

CBD Oil for instance may be beneficial to your dog if used alongside any other vet-approved therapies. Even though there is still not enough scientific evidence to claim that it does get rid of many ailments, there are some that have has positive results.

In a recent study done on 2000 participants, almost 64% of veterinarians reported giving CBD Oil to your pets at least once a month:https://www.healthline.com/health/cbd-for-dogs#veterinarians Even though many vets are not keen on discussing the topic as yet, due to lack of large evidence, those who do advise it can be at risk or penalties, so they do it with caution and expect pet owners to do the same.

CBD and Your Dog – Studies Conducted So Far

As mentioned above studies have been done on humans regarding a few ailments and positive results have been found. However not much has been done for dogs as yet. The little that has been done includes one such study on treating inflammation and pain in canines that suffer from osteoarthritis. The dogs were given between 2 to 8 ml of CBD extract per kilogram weight.

Almost 80% of them showed a vast improvement in their mobility as well as the pain which lessened by a significant amount. This was calculated by the Hudson activity scale and a pain inventory. The point to note is that the study was funded by a producer of the plant extract.

Another trial conducted in 2019 by a reputable source, was done on dogs that had epilepsy and were given the pure plant extract which resulted in significantly fewer seizure attacks, this was done against other furries who were given a placebo. Even though no definite conclusions were reached the study did still have an overall positive effect on them.

When given CBD hemp oil dogs were more relaxed and less jittery and nervous around people, which may also be helpful for those who go through separation anxiety and loneliness, especially ones that are adopted from a shelter or an abusive home. The mistreatment of dogs has been a major issue for many, and the use of this natural miracle has helped countless to feel at ease when brought into a new home or a completely unknown surrounding no matter how loving and caring the owner is.

Ways to Give Your Dog CBD and How Much is Enough

There are a few different ways to give them the products especially the liquids version, which we recommend, are highly useful and convenient. If it is in a dropper bottle the best ways to give him some is either directly in his mouth under his tongue if possible, or if he does not like it then a few drops in his drinking water or his food (wet or dry) can be added.

Some suppliers offer treats with pure ingredients in them which is also a good idea for training him and giving him a dose of it without him even tasting it.  Some tips for introducing him to it include starting low then going high after a few weeks, also monitoring his behavior every couple of days is advisable. If you increase his dose slowly, then his body will adapt to it as well.

When choosing the right product(s) always make sure it is FDA approved (look for a stamp on the product), and that the website you buy it from has its laboratory test results to show the amount of THC in the bottle, also known as a ‘certificate of analysis’. If you are not sure about things always get in touch with the company and ask them questions about it. Always be careful what you put into your pet’s mouth. Although there have been no major side-effects of the plant extract, you should rather be safe than sorry.


Note:- Any recommendation given in the post is for informational purposes only. Kindly check each and everything products/ guide from your end. Article provided by the third party no TimesNewsExpress editorial involved in the creation of this content.

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