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How Much Does a Quality Electric Bike Cost?

Electric bikes are trending right now, and for good reason. They have a lot to offer their riders: speed, assistive pedaling power, reduced fuel costs and lower emissions compared to automobiles. But more than that, they’re just plain fun. E-bikes give you new possibilities for terrain and destinations. Before you go shopping for an electric beach cruiser, hybrid or commuter bike, you should understand your options. This short guide offers some helpful information about e-bike styles, options and pricing.

Electric Bike Styles

You’ll probably notice that electric bikes come in several different styles: hybrids, commuters, beach cruisers, tricycles, fat tire bikes and more. Each has unique advantages, designs and features. The key is picking a model that best matches your riding lifestyle. Hybrids combine the best features of road and mountain bikes, so they can go on both paved and light unpaved trails. Cruisers focus more on comfort and less on speed, making them a solid choice for errands, exercise and leisure riding.

Bike model styles aren’t exclusive categories. With some bikes, these categories can overlap – a hybrid commuter bike, for instance, can handle greater speeds and light off-road riding. Meanwhile, tricycles have three wheels for better balance and stability. Fat tire electric bikes simply use wider tires and can handle multiple kinds of terrain.

Getting the Right Fit

Your electric bike must be comfortable – otherwise, you won’t be riding it for long. And that means it should accommodate your body size and comfort needs. Height and weight are important factors to consider when shopping for your e-bike, so you’ll want to look at each model’s rider fit specs. Many models support a huge range of heights and weights. But those who fall at the extremely short and tall ends of the spectrum can find bike shopping a little challenging.

If you’re seeking the best electric bike for short female, sixthreezero’sEVRYJourney 250W is a solid choice. Designed for comfort and versatility, it supports recreational and commuter riding on paved and light trails. Its 250-watt rear hub motor can handle up to 15 miles with full power and up to 30 miles in pedal-assist mode. Supporting riders between 5’0” and 6’4”, it’s ideal for both short and tall riders.

The EVRYJourney 250W is just one example of a great fitting bike. Sixthreezero’sBodyFit tool can suggest the best models for your height, weight and health concerns. All you do is answer a short questionnaire and BodyFit will display recommended bikes to meet your needs. The EVRYJourney, and Around the Block electric bikes are comfort-focused, so they’re excellent for riders with back and joint pain.

Pricing Your E-Bike

How much will you pay for an electric bike? That depends on a few factors – basic design, features and the type of motor installed. Mid-range models, including the Around the Block 250W, start at around $1,600. Fat tire e-bikes price out higher: The EVRYJourney Fat Tire 500W, for instance, costs about $2,400. With the power, flexibility and potential that ebikes provide, they’re well worth the money spent.

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