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How To Install New Flooring In Your Home: A Small Guide For DIY Enthusiasts

A lot of design experts say that changing the flooring of your house might just be the best home improvement decision you will ever make!

Changing something as basic as flooring can change the look, feel and experience the entire place in a major way. It can allow you to elevate the market value of your home in a short span of time. Plus, it adds a ton of freshness and livens up the ambiance in a major way.

A lot of people try to opt for a DIY approach to flooring. They get the best materials, read the greatest DIY flooring books, and gather as many tips as possible before starting the project.

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In this article, we are going to discuss some major things that you need to know before you start your DIY flooring project.

Some Basic Tips to help you begin the DIY Flooring Project

Before you finalize and buy the materials for your floor, it is important to first understand what your sub-floor is made up of. This is like the foundation, on which you will be putting the tiles, marble, or wood, as the case may be. Most sub-floors are created from wood or concrete.

You do not have to shell out thousands of dollars on drilling and other equipment. Most hardware stores have a policy where they rent tools and equipment against a deposit. If you are venturing into a DIY project, rent the tools to save time, money, and effort.

If you are an enthusiast, looking for a great DIY home improvement project, you need to be careful. One thing that can help you is going over all the instructions as intricately as possible. The more times you read it, the lesser are your chances of creating any errors or mistakes.

List of 3 Easy Steps to help you Install New Flooring in your House

Step 1- Buy the Flooring Material from the Best Manufacturer or Brand

Do not make the mistake of going for substandard products, brands, or manufacturers when it comes to flooring material. You will be investing in the home’s flooring for at least a period of five to ten years. This is why you need to select brands and materials that are credible, genuine, and trustworthy. Going for the cheapest option in the market is something that you should avoid making. Good brands come with a fair sticker price but offer tremendous value for money.

Step 2- Get all the Tools and Equipment that will help you with Flooring Installation

Once you have all the materials, you will require the right tools for the trade. This means jotting down a long list of tools that will help you. You need to understand that installing different floor materials requires a different set of tools. This is why you need to be doubly sure about whether you have everything or not. from measuring tapes, pencils, chalks, to drilling and sealing equipment, laying down floors is not as easy as you might think.

Step 3- Laying down the Flooring Material and Investing the Time and Energy-

Many people are of the opinion that installing new floors takes as long as baking a cake. However, that is not the case. If you are even looking to tile your bathroom, the same can take anywhere between 3 to 7 days. This is why you need to be prepared for the project to extend. Experts suggest that options like click-together flooring are a faster option for people who are in a rush. Installing hardwood floors is something that takes the longest amount of time.

The Bottom Line

Everything looks easier when you are watching YouTube videos. That is because the expert who is teaching you how to lay down new floors has probably been doing the same for the last twenty years! When you start doing it, you will realize that laying down new flooring is not for the faint-hearted. A lot of things can go wrong quickly. If you think that you would like to take on smaller DIY home improvement projects, get in touch with experts to help you with the flooring.

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