11 Awesome Reasons for Moving to Canada

Did you know Canada welcomes hundreds of thousands of new permanent residents each year? Depending on the year, up to over 300,000 new people move to this beautiful country!

From these numbers, it’s easy to see that many people see the potential to live an extraordinary life in Canada. There are plenty of things to do and many interesting things to see.

But uprooting your entire life to move somewhere totally new is a lot of work. So continue reading to learn eleven reasons why moving to Canada makes all this effort 100% worth it!

1. Superior Healthcare

When living in Canada, you have access to public health insurance. With this insurance, you can benefit from significantly reduced medical costs. In most cases, medical care might even be free.

This system is much more beneficial for the citizens of this country than other healthcare systems that charge high amounts of money for medical attention. Knowing you’re covered if something happens to you can bring you peace of mind.

2. More Space

Moving to another country is always a bit overwhelming because it’s hard to know what to expect. However, one thing you can certainly expect when moving here is more space.

Canada is a large country. Its population leaves much free space for people to enjoy. Because of this, homes tend to be larger and more spaced out than in some other areas around the world.

You and your family can enjoy a sprawling outdoor space and privacy from your neighbors. If you move to a highly-populated city, you can, of course, expect less space than more suburban areas.

3. Be With Kind and Happy People

Canada is well known for being full of naturally kind people. You’ll likely notice this even when visiting, so just imagine how it is when living there!

In addition to being friendly, Canada’s residents are also some of the happiest people in the world. A few years ago, Canada was actually voted the 11th happiest country in the world!

Because of this, you can hopefully expect to enjoy a happier and more satisfying life when living here.

4. Prime Higher-Education

Are you planning a move to go to a great college? If so, look no further than Canada! They have some of the top schools in the world!

They spend a lot of money creating programs with the best teachers, so attending one of their many colleges or universities will undoubtedly look great on your resume.

5. Job Opportunities

If you’re moving to another country in search of a better job market with more opportunities for you, Canada could be the ideal place.

They have many open jobs because much of their population is reaching retirement age. Because of this need, you’ll also find that you can expect higher pay in many cases.

Thankfully, you don’t need a job to secure a visa. You will eventually need to apply for citizenship, though, so preparing properly is crucial. Check out https://www.citizenshipcanadian.com/ to see how you can prepare and set yourself up for success.

6. Safety

Rampant crime is an issue in many countries around the world. Unfortunately, dealing with gun violence and other problems is a common occurrence when it should be a rarity.

Moving to Canada will provide you with a safer environment than many other places will.

7. Abundant Natural Resources

Canada is one of the countries with abundant natural resources.

This not only helps keep Canada a relatively wealthy country, but it helps you overall too. In some areas around the world, even water is scarce. Because of this, forest fires are common, and rules like limiting your shower time are put in place.

This is one less thing you will have to worry about while living in Canada because they have plenty of water to go around.

8. Beautiful Surroundings

Did you know Canada has 48 national parks?

From hot springs to lakes to mountains to woods, you can expect a variety of beautiful scenery throughout Canada. You won’t run out of places to go for scenic hikes, and it will take you a while to make your way through each park as some are very spread out.

Enjoying a country full of natural beauty is just one more reason to head to Canada.

9. Diversity

Some countries are hostile towards newcomers, especially if they look different than they do.

Thankfully, this isn’t an issue you’ll have if you move to Canada. Canada is an extremely diverse country and has even been ranked as one of the most open-minded places in the world!

Because of this, you will undoubtedly fit in right from the start and not feel like an outsider when you arrive.

10. Quality Public Transportation

Have you ever wanted to save money and live without a car? This is definitely possible in some areas of Canada!

They have quality public transportation that other areas of the world look to as an example. It’s easy to find your way around the different modes of transportation and provides you with the opportunity to save some money by foregoing a car.

11. Enjoy Good Food

Food is important to many people, and enjoying good food meets the top of people’s to-do lists each day.

If you move to Canada, it won’t be hard to find delicious food. From their grocery stores to their restaurants, their food is supreme. You’ll get to enjoy Canada’s creation of poutine while also trying different foods from around the world.

Their diverse population makes for many different options for eating.

Moving to Canada: A Bright Idea

Moving to Canada will provide you with countless benefits. While this article highlighted 11, you’ll undoubtedly be able to add even more things to your list as you get to know the country better.

Whether you want to enjoy better healthcare, more natural beauty, or seek out prime job opportunities, you will surely love living in Canada!

If you found the information in this article helpful and would like to read more articles filled with valuable information like this, please check out our site for more!

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