5 Creative Ideas To Celebrate Patriotic Holidays

The Fourth of July is almost here, and there is no better time than now to start preparing for this remarkable occasion. While it is meant to commemorate a significant milestone in the country’s history, it is also an opportunity to create new memories with friends and family.

After spending the last two years having your movements restricted in compliance with health protocols, there is no better time than now to celebrate freedom. Aside from the traditional activities setting of fireworks, going on picnics, and watching Independence Day celebrations around the country, you can also express your patriotism in different ways.

Whether at home or at work, you can make your Fourth of July celebrations extra special by coming up with your own version of these traditional activities that show your personal flair and style. If you have run out of ideas for this year’s celebration, take a look at this list:

1. Try New Food Preparations

Challenge yourself by becoming a budding chef or baker for a day. Food is always a part of any celebration, and the Fourth of July is no exception. Search online for easy recipes that you can start with, then add some twist to the plating to make them fit the occasion.

You can bake some cupcakes or mini cakes and decorate them with red, white, and blue frosting or toppings. For a more casual approach or when you just want to keep it simple, you can also serve grilled food along with burgers then match them with red, white, and blue colored drinks. If you have invited guests over, make sure to check their food preferences and allergies in order to avoid accidents.

2. Dabble With Arts And Crafts

While celebrating the occasion, you can also take this chance to flex your creative muscles by preparing your own handicrafts. You can even save some money by using excess items around the house instead of buying new materials to work with.

Check out pinterest or other artsy websites for inspiration, or you can come up with your own designs as you wish. Party poppers, decorative candle jars, party cups, and napkin holders are some of the easiest crafts you can start with, then you can move on to bigger projects like pillow cases and wreaths once you get more comfortable with your skills. Don’t forget to color them in red, white, and blue to match the theme.

3. Use Curated Decorations

Putting up decorations around the house during Independence Day is nothing new, but the items you choose to decorate with can make this year’s celebration extra special. Instead of using the same decors that you have been used to in the past years, consider getting new pieces that would add character and depth to your rooms.

For example, wooden American Flags that feature notable moments in American history such as The Pledge of Allegiance, Declaration of Independence, 2nd Amendment, The Constitution, and others would make for a great conversation starter for guests who are coming over. Hang them up in the walls of your living room or display on top of a shelf as a centerpiece, then surround them with your other patriotic decors for emphasis.

4. Play With Lighting

Colored lights bring a different kind of atmosphere to a space if used properly. Use the right type of bulbs for a particular area of the house in order to provide just the right brightness without overwhelming the space.

Fairy lights are more suitable for small indoor spaces with their soft and dispersed glow. On the other hand, for larger areas like your patio or garden, you would need larger bulbs like festoon globe lights. You can directly use red, blue, and white bulbs for your thematic decorations, or if you want to use them for a longer time, get standard color lights then just cover the bulbs with red, light, and blue lanterns for Independence Day.

5. Organize Group Activities

If you want to be more outgoing, you can get your family and neighbors involved in your Independence Day festivities. Prepare thematic invitation cards and set up a mini garden party in your backyard to accommodate a small gathering.

Aside from having a cookout, you can also have fun games like a quiz bee to test everyone’s knowledge about American history. Divide the group into small teams and prepare prizes for the winners. If you have a projector or a wide LED screen at home, you can also put-up a temporary outdoor theater and have an all-American movie marathon for your guests.



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