A student’s first job: how to write a resume?

A first job is an important step in life. Are you students? We want to help you to make up your resume. You can write thesis statement checker and see if everything is clear in your resume.

A resume is a concise presentation of yourself, your special skills, achievements in previous jobs, personal qualities – everything that you plan to use in the future workplace in order to make money.

The purpose of the resume is to create a positive impression about the employee (in absentia) in order to get an interview (face-to-face meeting) with the employer in the future.

Basic rules for writing a resume for a job 📝

Thanks to the ability to write competent resumes, you will never face difficulties in employment. So, what are the rules of success when writing a resume?

There are 3 basic rules for successful resume writing:

  1. Focus on your preferences. It is not necessary to mention the shortcomings in the summary. You may need to talk about them directly at the interview.
  2. Careful formatting of the text and its structured presentation are important components that will make your resume enjoyable to read. Your resume should not exceed 2 pages. Your task is to succinctly present the basic information that you would like to communicate about yourself.
  3. Optimism and self-belief. A cheerful mood attracts the successful outcome of events. You will definitely get a job if you believe in yourself!
  4. How to make a resume form – the basic rules of writing

We will also consider how to draw up a resume and on what parameters, it will be considered correctly stated.

In this case, there are some rules to remember that there is no special need, just write them on a separate sheet and use if necessary.

  1. The word “Resume” does not need to be written.
  2. When working in Word, be sure to choose the font Times New Roman. It is considered the most convenient and pleasant to perceive.
  3. Choose the font color black. This allows you not to be distracted by other colors and focus on the information itself.
  4. Set the size to 12 pin. But, at the same time, in the very top part of the sheet be sure to specify the name, which simply select and change the size by 14 point. This makes it possible to focus on personal data and remember them, which is especially important when working with other resumes.
  5. Fields are built as follows: top – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, right – 2 cm, left – 1 cm.
  6. It is best to make the line spacing single. This will allow you to place more information on one sheet and will not break the structure of the document itself.
  7. If you suddenly need to highlight something or emphasize this information, it is best to highlight it in bold, without resorting to underlining or italics. With this method, the text will look organic and easy to understand.
  8. According to the structure of the presentation of the material, the summary should be divided into paragraphs, visually determining the integrity of all information.
  9. You should not use frames and different symbols when forming your business card. This is a business document, and its design should be taken seriously.
  10. Submitting your information you do not need to deviate from the planned plan, it is important to write in business language, touching on key aspects
  11. Determine the purpose of your search before writing a resume.

Once you do this, you will be able to tailor your resume to that end. Think of this goal as an apple on the target to know where to aim. If you start writing your resume without a specific purpose, it will not look very attractive in the eyes of those who will read it. Think a little before you start writing – to pinpoint your needs.

  1. Think of your resume as a marketing tool.

Think of yourself as a product, of potential employers as your customers, and of a resume as a brochure. Look at yourself from this point of view. What are your features and what benefits can you bring? What makes you unique? Make sure you include this information in your resume.

  1. Use your resume to get an interview, not get a job.

Don’t go into details. Strive to be clear and concise. The purpose of your resume is to interest your employer enough to want to talk to you. Use the interview for a more detailed account of your preferences to learn about the job.

  1. Use short sentences.

Use short sentences more often in your resume. They make the text easier to understand.

  1. Use action words.

These words add sound to your resume. To enliven the text of the resume, use short sentences that begin with the words prepared, developed, tested and presented.

  1. Use # ‘and, $’ and% ‘and. Numbers, dollars and interest are highlighted in the text.

Use them. Here are two examples of such use:

He managed 10 departments with a budget of $ 1,000,000.

Increased sales by 25% in 15 states.

  1. Pursue your goal.

Because, most often, viewing the resume takes no more than 30 seconds. So before you write a resume, spend some time thinking about the phrases that best fit your goal. Add these phrases in a prominent place.

  1. Play in the “mirror”.

Review the job posting you’re interested in again. Use the phrases that make it up to achieve your goal. If you miss any keywords, be sure to include them in your resume.

  1. Use highly specialized words.

If you know words that can show your competence in a specific area – use them in your resume. For employers engaged in trade, use the “competitiveness analysis”. If you are applying for a job related to accounting, use “accounts, profit”.

  1. Focus the reader’s attention on the positive.

Cross out all negative and inappropriate words. If you think that the date of your release will subject you to age discrimination, do not specify it. If you have responsibilities that are not related to the requirements of the vacancy, do not specify them. Focus on responsibilities that are consistent with your purpose. Do not provide personal information, just as you do not provide your height and weight.

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