Common production line problems and how to resolve them quickly

When you work within manufacturing, problems with your production line are ultimately inevitable. Often it can feel as though you’re swimming against a tide of equipment faults, endless staff breaks, and issues with component qualities, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Recognizing the most common production line problems and how to resolve them quickly can give your business the edge and eradicate these bothersome and revenue-draining issues once and for all. The more efficient your production line, the less backlog you’ll have, the faster you’ll be able to complete your orders, and the more satisfied your employees and your clients will be. So, with this in mind let’s explore the most common production line problems and how you can resolve them quickly.

Poor Quality Component Parts

When your production line is littered with poor quality components, you can expect multiple issues during assembly and when the product is shipped out to the customer. When parts like this are sourced from reputable vendors instead, you’ll be creating a much higher-quality end-product and your assembly line will become much more efficient thanks to a reduction in manufacturing issues. Sourcing your electronic parts online via Sourcengine, means your components are covered with a 3-year warranty, protecting you, your production line, and your reputation as a reliable OEM enterprise.    

Safety Issues

Safety issues can manifest themselves in all kinds of ways on your production line. From employees not following correct procedures, to poor training, dangerous machinery or asking too much of staff in terms of speed and working hours. In whatever capacity safety is compromised, you can expect the efficiency of your production line to be impacted, whether it’s through injuries, time off sick, or downtime due to machines faults. Conducting regular safety audits and complying with health and safety will always benefit your assembly line. Employee training and refreshers should also be a part of your commitment to safety and efficiency.

Machinery Issues

Your assembly line doesn’t just rely on manpower to get orders out on time, you’re also working with high-tech machinery that is often temperamental and persistently at risk of failure. Persistent machinery issues can have a serious impact on the output of your assembly line, costing you time and revenue every time they grind to a halt. Regular maintenance can ensure your machines are working well and machine knowledge will help employees identify potential issues or warnings that the machine is struggling.

When purchasing any new piece of equipment, ensure you invest in a company with a good reputation for customer service and repairs. Therefore, when an error does occur it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Human Error

To err is human, however, errors on your production line mean issues further down the line, incomplete products, and dissatisfied customers. All of these factors will take their toll on the efficiency of your assembly line, therefore regular training is essential.

Final thoughts…

Resolving these production line issues is much easier when they’ve been correctly identified, start updating your assembly line today, to increase your output efficiency.

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