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How to Choose the Best Glasses Frames

If you’re due to buy a new pair of glasses, the frames are probably going to be your main concern. While your optician will take care of your prescription, finding the perfect pair of specs is all down to you. Whether you’ve been looking for a while or don’t know where to start, this guide will help you to make the right decision. You’ll know how the wrong frames can impact both your comfort and self-confidence if you’ve ever picked out the wrong ones in the past, so make sure you take your time and do your research.


Knowing the correct measurements for your glasses is going to be key in ensuring your comfort. When your frames don’t fit correctly, your lenses might not align with your eyes, meaning they won’t be doing their job. Even if they do, frames that are too tight can cause headaches, while those that are too loose will have to be constantly adjusted during the day. Make sure you find out more about measuring your face before investing in a new pair of specs.


The other aspect of frames you’re probably struggling with is finding the right shape. It can be tricky to know which specs will suit you the best, especially if you’re browsing online. But many websites allow you to try on different styles virtually, which involves using your webcam or a photograph of you. However, if you want to narrow down your search further, it’s a good idea to identify your face shape and research which glasses would suit you the best.


You might associate glasses with a classic black, but specs come in all kinds of colours these days. Some people find that black stands out too much against their skin and prefer something more subtle like grey or brown. Alternatively, you could choose brighter colours to really stand out and express your personality. If you feel lost, then maybe think about the colours in your wardrobe. Will your glasses match? Do you wear cool or warm tones? These are all things that can help you make a solid decision.


If you have sensitive skin, the material you choose for your frames could be incredibly important. Even if materials don’t irritate your face, you should consider how durable your choice will be and how heavy. You don’t want to choose frames that will be too flimsy, but equally buying incredibly robust frames can mean they’re too heavy when on your face. Try to find a happy medium between durability and comfort.

Take Your Time

The most important thing you need to do when choosing new frames is to take your time. Rushing into your decision will only lead to discomfort further down the line, so don’t be afraid to send back frames that aren’t right and order new ones. While the process might seem long and drawn out, finding your perfect pair of specs will really improve your everyday life.

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