Maple Syrup Vs. Sugar- Which One is Better?

Knowingly or unknowingly, we consume sugar daily. It is present in fruits, certain vegetables, and our morning coffee of course.

Table sugar has become such an integral part of our daily diets that every 8 out of 10 people are working on reducing its daily intake by replacing it with alternatives like real Canadian maple syrup.

But is maple syrup worth replacing table sugar?

First, we need to know the difference between natural and table sugar to seek out the answer. 

So, let us take a look:

1. Natural Vs Table Sugar

Regardless of all the negative marketing around sugar, the human body needs sugar as a carbohydrate to energize the cells and improve their functioning. 

But the question is- do our bodies need natural or artificial sugar?

We need to divide sugar into two categories, namely, one molecule and two molecules. 

Sugar that contains one molecule has fructose, galactose, and glucose, whereas sugar with two molecules has lactose, sucrose, and maltose. 

Lactose is found in dairy products; fructose is found in fruits, and sucrose is found in vegetables and fruits. You can also find it in sugar packets as table sugar. 

The only difference that segregates the two sugars is their nutritional value. Table or added sugar has no nutritional content. That is why they are called empty carbs, whereas natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables comes with essential nutrients in vitamins and minerals. 

For example, apples come with fructose sugar, but it also contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, and fiber. 

So, you must be wondering, well, in which category does maple syrup lie?

Maple syrup is an artificial sweetener that does not contain any naturally occurring sugar. Therefore, it is kept under the category of added sugar. But that does not mean that it contains empty carbs like table sugar. It has many benefits to your body. 

Let us take a look:

1. It contains antioxidants

Unlike table sugar, maple syrup contains 24 antioxidants vital to eliminate free radicals from the body that can cause diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer. 

Experts believe that grade B (the darker version) of maple syrup contains antioxidants in high quantities. So, whenever you choose it for cooking delicious maple syrup recipes, always go for the darker one.

2. It prevents heart issues.

Maple syrup helps keep your heart healthy. It has compounds like zinc that can protect endothelial cells from damage due to excessive cholesterol and enhance their functioning. 

Endothelial cells also make for the inner lining of the blood vessels. Without adequate zinc, the linings will be prone to injury, resulting in heart damage. 

Therefore, maple syrup can be vital for heart health.

3. It boosts the immune system.

Apart from zinc, maple syrup also contains magnesium which is essential for immune health. 

If zinc and magnesium are not present in an adequate amount in the body, it will reduce the number of WBCs. Therefore, the immune response will slow down, and the body will fall sick often. 

To Conclude- Which One is Better?

With all said about table sugar and maple syrup, we can easily say that table sugar is no match for maple syrup. 

Though both are kept under the category of added sugar, maple syrup has essential nutritional values that help benefit the immune system, cardiovascular and gut functioning. In contrast, table sugar has nothing but empty carbs that spikes the insulin and results in various gut problems, heart diseases, and digestive issues. 

Finally, if you have decided to buy maple syrup, we recommend buying a grade B syrup for higher nutritional content.  

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