Surprising Vaping Facts You May Not Have Known

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Vaping is a popular activity among people looking to quit smoking, and some who are simply looking for a hobby. While everyone has their own opinions about vaping, there’s no denying that there’s plenty of information about it in the public arena. However, even if you consider yourself quite knowledgeable on the subject, you may not know some of the following facts about vaping:

You Can Purchase Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

When hemp-derived cannabinoids became legal in the United States courtesy of the 2018 Farm Bill, manufacturers started looking at different ways to incorporate it into products. That’s how the Delta 8 vape cart was introduced, and it has been a hit with many vapers ever since.

D8 THC vape cartridges are federally legal and feature US-grown hemp. Typically, the vape liquid is poured into a 510 compatible cartridge and suits a wide range of vape devices.

Vaping Has Been Around a Long Time

Even though vaping has only grown in popularity within the last few years, electronic cigarettes have actually been around since 1963. American man Herbert A. Gilbert applied for a patent for a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette, which replaced the burning of paper and tobacco with moist, heated, flavored air.

At the time, the patent didn’t mention anything about nicotine. However, it appeared that Herbert was well ahead of his time, since it was never commercialized, and no one paid much attention to his idea.

They Go By Many Names

When you’re trying to find vaping products on the market, you may be overwhelmed by just how many names there are for some of the products you stumble across. For example, you might search for a vape pen online, only to see it’s also being called a vape, e-cig, e-cigarette, or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS). They may also look like cigarettes, pens, cigars, and pipes.

Many People Vape to Quit Smoking

Whether you use D8 THC vape cartridges or standard tobacco e-liquids, vaping has become a widely available smoking cessation tool. Due to how harmful smoking can be to your health, yet how addictive the nicotine within cigarettes is, not everyone can quit smoking successfully.

As a result, many people turn to vape products to assist. They may not have FDA approval like patches, gum, and lozenges, but they are how many thousands of people have managed to kick the habit.

You Can Purchase a Wide Range of Flavors

Even though a wide range of flavors has been banned by the FDA in recent years, there are still many different options from which to choose. Both sweet and savory flavors are popular among vapers, but tobacco and menthol still remain two of the most prominent and widely available due to their association with smoking cessation.

Vaping has become commonplace in recent years, but not everyone is aware of the ins and outs of vape product use. Some of this information above, such as D8 THC vape cartridges and the wide variety of flavors, might be entirely new to you. The more informed you are, the more confidence you can have in the decisions you make about any new products you try. 


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