Why America Is The True Center For Bingo

Sociable, versatile, and simple, in addition to the fact that it’s a game of chance, make bingo universally accessible and this is where its global popularity stems from. Yet America, in particular, stands out from the rest as one of the biggest hubs for the game. Here’s why.

Bingo Began in the US

Although it’s believed that the game originates in Italy sometime in the 16th century, it was popularized internationally by the American salesman Edwin Lowe in the late 1920s. The story of its origin goes that whilst passing through a traveling carnival in Atlanta, Lowe overheard a commotion and lots of excited voices in a large tent.

After investigation, he discovered that the people inside were playing a game involving beans, a rubber stamp, and some cardboard. Lowe then took a simple idea and created a whole bingo world, which has been steadily evolving since. The game has even reached the ethos of the internet to become a virtual sensation. As part of this online world, people can play themed games as well as win daily jackpots and prizes.

A fun and little-known fact about the game’s American history is that rumor has it, the name came about when Lowe was playing with friends and a woman shouted “Bingo!” in excitement after getting a full board.

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The Popularity of Bingo in America

Lowe continued to develop the game and even brought in mathematician Carl Leffler to help figure out probabilities and chances. After the rising popularity of the game, Lowe took his creation to Las Vegas (of course, where else?), where he built a casino hotel in which people could come and play bingo. It wasn’t long before the game exploded with popularity and this trend spread across the whole of America and the world.

Today, the USA is seen as the ‘modern home’ of the game and people can even enjoy local games of virtual bingo wherever they are in the country. As the game’s popularity grew in communities, it’s only fitting that people enjoy the game close to home too.

Versions Of The Game

There are now several different versions of bingo that have been adapted all over the world. From Slingo Bingo in the UK to Bonanza Bingo in the US, and even a game based on the Chinese game of Keno, bingo certainly is a globally-embraced game. Even though it’s very far removed from the original game using beans and cardboard, playing bingo online has also opened numerous options for fans and novices alike.

For example, one of the best things about the game in the modern age is that it now features several popular TV shows, such as Deal or No Deal, and movies. To swap the concept around, there is even a successful television program that has a whole contest focused on the game. Bingo America follows two contestants playing for big money and as part of the show, there is a bonus round and the option for viewers to play along.

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Whilst bingo may have officially started in America, it is now a game that is enjoyed by millions across the world. From online games to bingo halls, there is an option for everyone out there.

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