When Burning Rubber Burns Cash: 6 of the Most Expensive Types of Vehicle Repairs

Nothing is worse than burning through your hard-earned cash while driving around in a lemon. You’re always fixing your vehicle with expensive repairs, and you can never catch up on all the fixes. 

Save time with our quick guide to help you decide when to get rid of your car or add more miles to your truck worry-free. 

Engine failure 

If you’re constantly worrying about the engine light on the dashboard leaking fluids like oil, coolant, or smoke, you should inquire about your engine head. The engine head may have a crack. When avoided, this problem can cause the entire engine to fail.

However, if it recently turned on, take your car for a routine inspection to get the proper diagnosis. We recommend that you have your VIN handy when you are researching new engine car costs

Gear slipping 

Have you noticed your gears “slipping” into different gears on the highway? If so, you may need a new transmission.

Leaking underneath your vehicle may be an early sign of transmission coolant leaking. See a mechanic to prevent your transmission from overheating into an expensive repair. 

If you notice your transmission overheating, stop driving and let it cool down. And if you suspect heat damage, call a tow and reach out to your local mechanic


Having healthy airbags can save your life. When your manufacturer sends you a recall letter, see your mechanic as soon as possible. You should replace your vehicle’s airbags after they deploy and if they don’t deploy due to manufacturing defects

If you’re unsure if your airbag ever deploy: 

  • Check your airbag cover for repairs and tampering
  • Inspect your dashboard for reinstallation

When it comes to airbags, the cost to repair them is incomparable to saving your life. Just fix them. 

Suspension repairs 

When you start to feel each bump in the road, your vehicle’s bounce is off, and your car may be overdue for suspension repair. Your truck shocks wear and tear over time. Eventually, when suspension repairs remain unattended, you lose the ability to control your car. 

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Camshaft repairs

Did you know that your engine intakes air? The camshaft has two parts, the cam, and the shaft. They work together to ensure the proper condition of your vehicle’s air-fuel mixtures and spark ignition. And when neglected, camshafts can fill with dirt and debris.  

You can avoid camshaft repairs with proper vehicle maintenance. However, if you notice a tapping noise from the engine, backfiring, and popping, see a trusted mechanic to diagnose your issue. 

Head gasket failure

The head gasket on your engine cylinders helps maintain healthy coolant and oils level to prevent leakage. Heat asked typically fails under intense heat, warping into different shapes and inability to cool other engine parts.

Save money caring for your vehicle

Although maintaining your vehicle’s health may seem like an upfront hassle, in the long run, it can help you save costs on a lemon car that consistently needs to see the mechanic. 

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