45.325.425 ltda sao jose do egito

Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao: Providing Innovative Engineering Services

45.325.425 ltda sao jose do egito

Registration Information
CNPJ 45.325.425/0001-09
Corporate Name 45,325,425 LTDA
Trade Name Dp2 Solar Energy and Construction
Opening Date 02/16/2022
Age 1 year, 5 months, and 15 days
Size Micro Company
Legal Nature Limited Company
MEI option No
Simple option Yes
Simple option date 02/16/2022
Share Capital BRL 80,000.00
Type Matrix
Status Active
Registration Status Date 02/16/2022
E-mail [email protected]
Phone(s) (87) 99600-7173 (Call and Whatsapp)
Address Rua Vital Lucas, 76
Neighborhood Vital Lucas
CEP 56700-000
Municipality São José do Egypt
State Pernambuco
For correspondence
Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao 45.325.425 LTDA
Rua Vital Lucas 76
Vital Lucas
São José do Egypt PE
Activities – CNAES
Main 71.12-0-00 – Engineering Services
43.21-5-00 – Installation and electrical maintenance
47.42-3-00 – Retail sale of electrical material
41.20-4-00 – Construction of buildings
42.99-5-01 – Construction of sports and recreational facilities
74.90-1-04 – Intermediation activities and agency services and business in general, except real estate
42.92-8-02 – Industrial assembly works
43.30-4-01 – Waterproofing in civil engineering works
42.11-1-01 – Construction of roads and railways
42.92-8-01 – Assembly of metallic structures
43.11-8-01 – Demolition of buildings and other structures
43.22-3-01 – Hydraulic, sanitary and gas installations
43.30-4-04 – Building painting services in general
43.99-1-03 – Masonry works
42.13-8-00 – Urbanization works – streets, squares, and sidewalks
43.91-6-00 – Foundation works
43.99-1-01 – Construction management
42.11-1-02 – Painting for signs on roadways and airports
42.99-5-99 – Other civil engineering works not previously specified
43.29-1-99 – Other installation works in buildings not previously specified
43.11-8-02 – Site preparation and land clearing
42.22-7-01 – Construction of water supply networks, sewage collection, and related constructions, except irrigation works
42.21-9-02 – Construction of stations and electricity distribution networks
42.91-0-00 – Port, maritime, and river works
42.21-9-01 – Construction of dams and dams for electric power generation
43.99-1-05 – Drilling and construction of water wells
Board of Members and Administrators
Vinicius Siqueira da Silva Partner
Vitor Siqueira da Silva Managing Partner
Qualification of the person responsible for the company Managing Partner




  • 45.325.425 ltda sao jose do egito

Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao, with CNPJ 45.325.425/0001-09 and corporate name 45,325,425 LTDA, is a dynamic company based in São José do Egypt, Pernambuco. Established on February 16, 2022, the company has quickly become a prominent player in the engineering and construction sector, offering a wide range of services to its clients.

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A Versatile and Innovative Company

Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao is known for its versatility and innovation in the field of engineering services. As a micro company, it operates on a smaller scale but delivers top-notch solutions and expertise to its clients. The company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident through its Simple option, which streamlines administrative processes and fosters a conducive business environment.

Comprehensive Engineering Services

The company’s main activity, as listed by the Federal Revenue, is Engineering Services. However, Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao goes above and beyond by offering a comprehensive list of secondary services. These services include installation and electrical maintenance, retail sale of electrical material, construction of buildings, construction of sports and recreational facilities, and more. The diverse range of services showcases the company’s dedication to meeting various client needs.

Leadership and Expertise of 45.325.425 ltda sao jose do egito

Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao is led by Vinicius Siqueira da Silva and Vitor Siqueira da Silva. As Managing Partners, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. Their qualifications and leadership ensure that Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao maintains a high standard of service and professionalism in all its projects.

45.325.425 ltda sao jose do egito Location and Contacts

The company is conveniently situated at Rua Vital Lucas, 76, in the neighborhood of Vital Lucas, São José do Egypt, Pernambuco. Open communication is essential to Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao, and clients can reach out through the following contacts:

45.325.425 ltda sao jose do egito Active and Committed

Since its registration on February 16, 2022, Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao has been an active and committed player in the engineering and construction sector. The company’s commitment to quality and efficiency has earned it a reputable status among its clients and partners.

45.325.425 ltda sao jose do egito Diverse Expertise

The company’s activities encompass a wide range of engineering and construction services, such as waterproofing in civil engineering works, construction of roads and railways, assembly of metallic structures, demolition of buildings, hydraulic, sanitary and gas installations, foundation works, and many more. This diverse expertise enables Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao to handle various projects with skill and precision.


Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao, under the leadership of Vinicius Siqueira da Silva and Vitor Siqueira da Silva, has emerged as a leading provider of engineering and construction services in São José do Egypt, Pernambuco. With a dedication to innovation, versatility, and customer satisfaction, the company continues to make a positive impact in the industry. As a Micro Company with a Simple option, Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao navigates the business landscape with ease, delivering quality solutions to its clients. Its diverse range of services and commitment to excellence make it a valuable asset in the field of engineering and construction.

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