5 Important Tips for Effective Logistics Performance

Maintaining a successful business relies upon effective logistics performance. From the manufacturing of a product up until the customer receives a product it is essential to have proper planning in place. Without an efficient plan, chaos can ensue, leading to poor customer relationships and loss of reputation. Want to know more about how to better streamline and boost the performance of your supply chain? Here are five tips.

Invest in Fleet Management

Without proper fleet management, productivity and efficiency will be greatly reduced. It will also have detrimental effects on client relationships and employee productivity. Through the use of telematics, better route planning can be achieved, reducing fuel and maintenance costs. As a real-time solution, drivers will be notified of potential and existing delays on their route. Being able to adjust their route will save both time and money. An ELD compliance solution will prevent service violations, reducing costly fines and accidents, making sure drivers are safe and content, therefore increasing productivity.

Proper Planning

Having a proper plan in place is fundamental to operating a smoothly run business, maximizing profits, and building good relationships with customers. No matter if you are starting a side business or launching a major startup there are planning dos and don’ts that deserve your consideration.When implementing your plan, it is imperative that it is adhered to at every stage of the supply line and at no point are standards dropped. Even with effective planning, there is still the possibility that mistakes will be made or unforeseen circumstances occur. This is why having a contingency plan is necessary, allowing flexibility when the supply chain is disrupted and your business to continue to run effectively.

Value Relations

Personnel who feel valued will be happy in their work and will make the effort to ensure operations run as they should. This extends to having the capability to train employees to the highest standard, increasing efficiency and the satisfaction of clients. Since having a contingency plan is vitally important, having a logistics manager who has excellent interpersonal skills is of equal importance. Should problems arise, having someone who can effectively manage the situation without panicking will safeguard productivity and performance.

Proper Warehouse Management

Warehouse management entirely depends on the type of goods that are being stored, and without proper management, disruption and inefficiency will occur. If you’re dealing with perishable goods, it is vital that they are stored correctly and transferred to the vehicle in a way that does not affect the quality of the product. Systems need to be put in place for sequencing orders as they arrive, eliminating any possible delays. Having effective systems in place will improve the experience of the end-user while maintaining high productivity levels.

Reduce Intermediary Services

Intermediary services greatly enhance the possibility of disruption to supply chains and increase costs. Despite all effective planning, third parties and any problems which involve them will be more challenging to resolve as they will be outside of your direct control. For optimum efficiency, it is essential to keep intermediaries to a minimum. As well as potential disruption, there are also greater costs involved in using intermediary services so always be aware.

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