A Shortlist of the Top Industries Experiencing Labor Shortages in 2021


Labor Shortages

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In the wake of the pandemic, headlines are lighting up with news about the “Great Resignation” affecting labor across all sectors. Large numbers of people have quit their jobs and left their prior workplaces for greener pastures. What does this mean for the labor market and the economy?

If you’re on the hunt for your own career upgrade, it means excellent news. The movement of workers out of previous positions means that demand for qualified labor has never been higher. Here is a shortlist of the top sectors facing labor shortages in 2021.


A labor shortage for in-home care employment has multiplied in recent months. The combination of increased demand and decreased workforce means a dire strait for the business of nurturing.

With a growing elderly population due to the baby boomer population aging, there is a much greater need for caregivers and more opportunities for in-home care employment.

One of the issues of this sector is the low wages that home caregivers often receive, as the average salary is approximately $20,000 per year. That’s not to say that all agencies pay at the minimum, however. Boosting wages in this sector can go a long way toward closing the gap in the labor shortage.

The education sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the education sector its share of bumps and bruises. First, teachers and other education staff were forced to transition to remote learning programs.

While schools and colleges have been transitioning to in-person learning, the cleanliness protocols and other recommendations to avoid the Coronavirus have put more pressure on teachers and students alike.

Fewer students are enrolling to become teachers, as there has been a thirty-three percent drop in this area. Hiring is likely to escalate in the education sector over the coming years.

State or local government boards

Even though the United States quarantine periods due to the pandemic have come to a close, state and local governments have had significant labor shortages.

Past recessions and decreased tax revenues have led to problems for local and state governments and, despite an increase in aid, there are many job openings in this field.

Transportation and warehousing services

There is a significant need for more transportation and warehousing staff, as the pandemic has led many more people to shop online. Major corporations like Walmart need more drivers and warehouse staff to put their products in consumers’ hands.

Amazon, for example, has a high turnover rate of 150 percent, according to The New York Times. Many credit the high turnover rate to the demands of the fast-paced environment and the long working hours.

Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing sector, including textile mills, has seen a significant labor shortage over the last year. In particular, as Americans have ended the quarantine and began to get back to school and work, the need for new wardrobes has grown. This need has intensified hiring in the textile and manufacturing industry.

Arts and entertainment

Theaters and entertainment venues had all seen a severe downturn at the beginning of the pandemic, as the coronavirus required all these centers to shut down temporarily.

Now that theaters and venues are opening back up, the entertainment sector is facing severe labor shortages. This shortage may be due to ongoing fears of COVID-19 among former employees.

Wrap up

If you are unemployed and looking for a job right now, these six industries have a significant need for new workers. Before you know it, you can start a new career in any of these sectors.


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