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ClearBank Raises $230 Million to Drive Expansion in Europe and the US

ukbased clearbank apaxlundentechcrunch

London, ClearBank, a leading UK fintech, has secured an impressive $230 million funding round to expand its cloud-based financial rails into Europe and the US. The investment was led by private equity firm Apax Partners, which marks a significant increase in the company’s valuation. ClearBank was founded in 2015 and launched in 2017 with a mission to revolutionize financial services through real-time clearance on payment transactions and other financial operations.

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Although the exact valuation remains undisclosed, the funding round catapulted ClearBank’s value to approximately $590 million, based on conservative estimates. The fintech’s outstanding growth and ambitions hint at even greater potential. It already serves 200 customers, including major financial institutions and fintech companies, to enable faster and more efficient transactions.


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Among its clientele are prominent UK businesses such as Tide and Oaknorth, as well as international companies like Coinbase, which leverage ClearBank for clearing and payment services for their UK customers. Currently, ClearBank oversees 13 million bank accounts and assets worth £3 billion (almost $4 billion).

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The global fintech industry has been continuously evolving with the rise of challenger banks, embedded financial services, AI-powered platforms, mobile apps, and various other innovations that aim to disrupt traditional financial systems and improve user experiences. However, beneath this innovation lies a vital truth: many of these modern services are still built upon legacy infrastructure.

ClearBank stands as an exception, creating a new cloud-based financial infrastructure that empowers real-time services. Its agile platform offers unparalleled speed and visibility for financial transactions, significantly outperforming traditional payment rails. Unlike some fintech companies that have worked around legacy hurdles, ClearBank rebuilt the infrastructure from the ground up to deliver efficient and seamless financial operations.

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Charles McManus, CEO of ClearBank, pointed out that Europe and the US have been slow in adopting modernization initiatives. He noted that only 26 countries are implementing the Faster Payment scheme, which the UK has had for quite some time. The slow progress in financial modernization has created a substantial market gap for ClearBank to address.

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ClearBank has positioned itself as the first clearing bank in the UK to launch in 250 years. Prior to ClearBank’s entry, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, and NatWest dominated the clearing sector. The company aims to leverage its cutting-edge financial rails to provide real-time services for various operations and expand its footprint both in the UK and abroad.

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The recent funding will fuel ClearBank’s ambitions to become a global player in financial infrastructure. The fintech plans to expand its offerings to include multi-currency and foreign exchange services, facilitating interbank payments and enabling more international footprints for its customers.

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As the fintech industry continues to evolve, the rise of ClearBank and similar startups exemplifies a new generation of companies that are tackling the final frontier of financial infrastructure. Fueled by innovation and modern technologies, these companies are set to reshape the financial landscape and provide enhanced experiences for businesses and consumers alike. With Apax Partners’ backing, ClearBank is well-positioned to accelerate its expansion and solidify its position as a leading player in the global fintech arena.

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