Digital Marketing and Other Ways to Use the Internet to the Advantage of Your Business

It’s difficult to run a business in the modern-day and not be heavily tied to the internet in one way or another. There are simply too many advantages to be had online and too many people to reach to not consider using it. That’s okay, though, because when you’re just starting out, you want to make use of every advantage you can get.

In relation to business, it’s common for people to view the internet as simply being a marketing tool. While digital marketing is a huge avenue for you to explore, it’s not the only way that the internet can be used to the advantage of your business. These methods aren’t always as obvious as you might like, but they’re there; you just have to know where to look.

For Your Own Personal Development

If you’re running your own business, you’re likely very conscious of the competition you’ll face. While it’s not a good idea to dwell on how you stack up against the giant, established brands in your field, it might feel impossible not to compare yourself to them at times. It’s a whole different game, and the kind of competition that you should be concerned about is the kind that is relevant to other businesses of a similar size that may draw away your target audience. In any case, you want to ensure that you, yourself, are as equipped to handle the obstacles and hurdles of the business world as they come. There is a whole lot to contend with, and that makes it easy to feel overwhelmed. This feeling is something that can cause you a great deal of stress, and though it feels unavoidable, you can escape it by being prepared to confront these challenges and having the confidence to know that.

So, as a business owner, you want to have the experience to give you that confidence and the kind of credibility where those you work with (both employees and clients) will look to you as a source of wisdom on the topics that you’re a supposed expert in. The main way for you to be able to achieve this would be to study, and you might find that now is the best time to get an MBA online, which could provide you with the skills that you need to push your business forward against your competition. Additionally, deciding to study online could mean that you can work your studies around your schedule and responsibilities in a way that allows you to maintain control over your business operations while also furthering your own development.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Regardless of how you’re currently going about your digital marketing, you’re likely aware of the impact that social media can have on getting your name out there as a business. You have access to multiple free platforms, any of which boast a wide user base that likely comprises one target audience or another. Some of these audiences will appeal to you more than others based on what your demographic is, but having the ability to market yourself to as many people as possible is nothing to scoff at. If you haven’t already made your social media debut as a business, it’s advisable that you do – as you can quickly begin to start pumping out new marketing campaigns that are specific to these platforms. You might also find that using these platforms for marketing purposes is different from what you’re used to so far in the sense that it’s slightly less rigid and formal, as even spontaneous discussions with your audience in an open forum setting can be an opportunity for you to put your best foot forward and show everyone what kind of business that you are.

This, however, is a double-edged sword, and you have to be careful not to get flippant or overly casual with how you respond to people on social media just because it’s a slightly more informal space than you might be used to. Bad PR can happen quickly and out of situations that you don’t expect, meaning a benign comment (from your perspective) can quickly snowball into something that’s out of your control. There are ways for you to manage these problems, but it’s best to just take preventative measures and do your best to avoid them entirely. Ample research on the topic beforehand and knowing what to avoid can help this, but additionally, you and your marketing team might just want to thoroughly think about what you say before you do. With enough time and understanding, you should hopefully gain a sense of what’s best to say and which topics should be avoided entirely, such as politics. Looking to other examples of where different companies might have stumbled in this regard could also provide valuable insight.

Another advantage of social media is your ability to draw users of any given platform towards your website. While your various social media pages will have plenty of information about you and tell your followers anything that they need to know about upcoming events or aspects of your services, your website will usually be your main hub (if you have one). Keeping a modern and regularly updated website is important, as it lets your customers feel as though you’re keeping on top of things and that the information they’re seeing is relevant. Furthermore, creating a sense of consistency by having your social media pages and your website all linked together can help to create a singular and accessible experience for your customers, as they won’t feel as though they have to work especially hard to find out what they want to know about you.

This kind of attention paid to your online image can go a long way, and it can help you make a good impression on new customers as well. This is important as using social media provides you with a way to appeal to new customers as well as playing to your established target audience.

Exploring the Benefits of Video Marketing

Branching out and trying something new isn’t always that appealing, especially if you’re already working with a formula that you feel is successful enough for you. Change is daunting, and that’s something that applies to people personally as well as in a business sense, and at times, it can be difficult to make a distinction between the two. However, in a business sense, at least, you can alleviate some of this anxiety by looking at what has worked for other companies and how it might then work for you. Having this variety of safety net can make you move forward with much more confidence, which can not only help the process but potentially the end result as well.

Video marketing is a prime example of this, and it’s something that companies have historically found success with due to the popularity of TV and cinema as outlets for their content. However, now there are outlets for video content all over the internet, thanks to platforms such as YouTube and now even other social media platforms that tend to encourage video content as well. So, you have a wealth of platforms to choose from, which is a great start. This means that you can move forward with production safe in the knowledge that you’ll have a definite way to use your content when the time comes. The production itself might be a challenge if you’re unfamiliar with having made this kind of thing before, but you can either start doing research yourself to try and create something between you and your employees if you want to save money; alternatively, you could go bigger. This might not be so much of an appealing route to take if you’re trying to save money, but you could hire professionals who can help you plan, shoot and edit your footage in a way that can represent the company however you see fit.

If you do decide to take the low-budget route and work on your video content yourself or with your employees, this can also have an additional benefit. The whole process that you embark on can mean that you start to develop new skills in this area which can only improve as time goes on and you become more aware of what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t want to go too big to start with, you might want to consider going with shorter, much lower-cost videos that can have a home on social media platforms as videos that are just naturally shared around, probably by your own social media pages at first and then to wherever they catch on. The function of auto-play could help you out here as well. Auto-play often means that social media users watch videos that they perhaps didn’t intend to because it plays without them needing to press a dedicated play button, which can feed into the whole ‘scroll loop’ that social media tends to thrive on. Taking advantage of your surroundings like this could be very beneficial for your business going forward.


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