“Appointment of New President at Interbit Data Revealed”

In a twist of fate (or just good luck!), Interbit Data has found its knight in shining armor – Steve McDonald, the President Extraordinaire! With a round of applause and some confetti (okay, maybe not the confetti), the company proudly welcomes Mr. McDonald to steer them toward even greater heights.

But hold on, folks! This isn’t a takeover – Arthur Young, the CEO Wizard, is still holding the fort with his magical expertise. He couldn’t be happier, saying, “I’m thrilled and honored to have Steve on board, wielding his vision and industry smarts!”

Steve McDonald isn’t just any Joe; he comes with a superpower! His past is studded with achievements, like growing high-performing teams and charming clients like a pro. Think enterprise EMR sales and implementations – he’s aced them! And let’s not forget his consulting feats, like strategic direction and operations improvement. The guy’s a real deal!

Before joining forces with Interbit, Mr. McDonald spread his magic at places like MEDITECH and Cerner (now Oracle). And as if that weren’t enough, he sprinkled consulting stardust at Beacon Partners (now KPMG) and Impact Advisors. Wow, talk about a star-studded resume!

With a twinkle in his eye, Mr. McDonald is ready to lead Interbit to new horizons. The healthcare world is changing, folks – it’s all about digital health and value-based contracts. And guess what? Interbit to the rescue! They’ve got the goods to help physicians and administrators make the smartest decisions.

“I can’t wait to join this bunch of forward-thinkers and creative geniuses,” said Mr. McDonald, “It’s like being part of a superhero team during a time of industry transformation!” He’s all pumped up to bring on new clients and make the existing ones even happier. Talk about a hero on a mission!

And you know what’s icing on the cake? Interbit is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Woohoo! They’re in full party mode, ready to capitalize on the growing market needs like a boss. With new capital in hand and a supercharged Management Team, they’re all set to keep ruling the industry and delivering even greater value to their clients.

So there you have it, folks – the heroic tale of Interbit Data’s new leader, Steve McDonald! With him at the helm, the future looks brighter than ever. Let the adventure begin!

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