Operating in the Green: 6 Ways Businesses Can Help the Environment

Running a sustainable business can be challenging, with environmentally unfriendly solutions tempting owners left and right. However, despite the considerable obstacles, many corporations have taken action against harmful tactics defacing the environment by prioritizing green initiatives in their day-to-day operations.  

Read on for six ways businesses can reduce their carbon footprints, help the environment, and build a better tomorrow. 

Help fight erosion

One approach businesses can take to aid environmental prosperity is fighting soil erosion. Corporations in the agricultural and land development sectors can wreak havoc on the natural landscape without proper protocols and protections in place. Thankfully, businesses can employ management measures like the erosion control blanket to fight against disintegration, limit clogging, and reduce flooding. 

Use renewable resources and energy

Another step your company can take towards sustainability is switching to renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, many big businesses continue to use fossil fuels, imprinting a significant footprint on the natural world and atmosphere. 

However, other conglomerates like Google have begun swapping out wasteful tactics by building facilities on renewable energy and prioritizing sustainability in the workplace. Ultimately, each resource you preserve is a step in the right direction.

Highlight sustainable practices 

Nowadays, environmentally conscious consumers often prefer to patron businesses that prioritize sustainability by implementing green practices into their mission statement. Make sure you highlight any positive impacts your company makes, outline changes you plan to implement and speak up about environmental injustices. 

When large corporations put their support behind a better future, others are bound to follow. By releasing reports showcasing your future-forward thoughts, your business can lead the way to a healthier environment.

Engage in policymaking 

Whether you agree or disagree, businesses often have a large pull in politics through varying endorsements. It’s normal for politicians to consult with corporations, so make sure you push for green initiatives when interacting with policymakers. 

Make it a point to meet with public figures and leaders to speak about concrete sustainability plans from which both businesses and government officials can benefit. 

Allow telecommuting

Unfortunately, traditional commuting negatively impacts the environment, releasing harmful pollutants and contaminating the air. Plus, employees often feel the physical and mental impact of long travel times, leaving many stressed and sore once they arrive at work. 

Fortunately, you can mitigate harmful pollutants released by vehicles by implementing telecommuting for certain positions. Even if you can’t swing a full-time remote staff, consider allowing part-time at-home work to cut down your carbon footprint. Not only will you be doing your part for your local environment, but your employees will thank you for the accommodation.

Reduce water intake and increase recycling

Another sure-fire way to help the environment is by reducing waste and recycling anywhere you can. Though eliminating waste completely may be impossible, businesses can reduce plastic packaging, go paperless wherever possible, and implement single-stream recycling programs. 

As far as preserving water sources goes, companies can install low-flow toilets, limit landscape watering, and invest in water-saving equipment. Businesses attempting to limit waste should consider hiring a third-party audit service to rate and evaluate their operations.

Going, going, green

The sky is the limit when it comes to helping the environment as a business. You can do your part by taking an honest inventory of company waste, engaging in environmental policy, incorporating telecommuting, and investing in renewable energy. 

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