Truth Social, Owned by Trump, Alerts FBI Leading to Fatal Confrontation with Man Threatening Biden

Truth Social: In a twist of events that could be mistaken for a movie plot, a social media company linked to former President Donald Trump alerted the FBI about a Utah man who sadly met his demise in an unexpected encounter with agents. As reported by NBC News, this unusual turn of events involves threats, a social media post, and a dash of humor.

The Not-So-Social Threat

A Utah man, Craig Deleeuw Robertson, took to his keyboard to vent his frustrations. He typed with fury about wanting to do some drastic things, like causing trouble for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr. The catch? This post was a threat, a digital storm in a teacup.

When Truth Social Spills the Beans

Surprisingly, the social media company involved, Truth Social, didn’t take this lightly. They decided to be the responsible digital citizen and spilled the beans to the FBI. They pointed out the concerning post that seemed more serious than a cat video gone wrong.

A 75-Year-Old Showdown

Fast forward to a fateful morning, FBI agents, donning their serious agent faces, knocked on the door of Mr. Robertson. What happened next? The story gets a bit murkier. Robertson, a 75-year-old man from Provo, seemed to think he was in an action movie. Armed and ready, he confronted the agents with his weapon. Words were exchanged, but his weapon-wielding skills weren’t matched by his listening skills, unfortunately. And, well, let’s just say it didn’t end well for him.

Threats, Trump, and Tweets

Why did all this happen? Turns out, Robertson had some creative ideas about who he wanted to ‘send off.’ Among others, he mentioned President Joe Biden and even Vice President Kamala Harris. It’s like he was drafting a unique bucket list, but the law had a different perspective.

Social Media Shenanigans and Truth Social

Now, let’s take a step back and appreciate the irony. Truth Social, which sounds like a superhero’s sidekick, decided to ring the FBI’s doorbell with this information. In case you didn’t know, this social media platform was started by none other than former President Trump himself. Remember the days when he and Twitter had a falling out? Well, it led to this whole new platform – like a phoenix rising from the ashes of tweets.

The Capitol, Trump, and Twitter

Speaking of tweets, remember the Capitol riot? Yes, that time when some folks decided they were more interested in dramatic entries than following tour guides. Well, that incident got Trump kicked out of Twitter, now known as X. The fear was that his tweets could be a recipe for more excitement, and by ‘excitement,’ we mean chaos. Thus, Truth Social was born.

So, there you have it – a tale of a social media threat, an FBI alert, and a man who seemed to think he was auditioning for an action movie. It’s like the digital age gave birth to its own version of James Bond, but with a bit less style and a bit more misunderstanding. And with this story, we’re reminded that while social media can be entertaining, it’s best to leave the threats and showdowns to the big screen.

In the end, the Truth Social came out, and it turns out social media can be more serious than a cat video gone viral. Just remember, behind every screen name, there might just be a story waiting to unfold – though we’re hoping most of them involve fewer weapons and more emojis.

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