Denver School Board Elections: Get Ready for the Political Fireworks in November!

Hey, folks! Let’s take a peek into the wild world of Denver’s School Board – it’s like a reality TV show with politicians!

So, remember Auon’tai Anderson, the Vice President of the School Board? Well, he had a foot-in-mouth moment when he suggested angry parents should take their revenge at the ballot box! Oopsie! He might want to rethink that one.

Now, the School Board is a big deal, running Denver Public Schools like a well-oiled machine (well, most of the time). They hire the superintendent, budget all the dollars, and set the school calendar. Sounds important, right?

But oh boy, they love to make headlines with their on-and-off squabbles. It’s like a boardroom wrestling match! Last year, they had a big tussle over bringing back public school officers. Some said yay, some said nay, and fireworks!

Mayor Michael Hancock and ex-mayor Federico Peña even called the board “dysfunctional” and accused them of “undermining” the superintendent. Drama, drama, drama!

And let’s not forget the “bullying” beef between the board president, Xochitl Gaytán, and Anderson.  Words were thrown around like confetti!

Gaytán accused Anderson and another board member, Scott Esserman, of plotting a coup (yeah, like a school board coup, not a country coup) to dethrone her as president. Talk about power plays!

Anderson’s like, “Hey, it’s time for new leadership!” But don’t worry, he’s not campaigning now. He thinks the community needs to heal before politicians start pandering for votes. Wise move, Anderson!

But guess what? It’s election time again soon! Whoop-de-doo!  Some board members’ terms are ending, and they’re either mum on their plans or saying, “No thanks, no reelection for me!” Mic drop.

Now, one guy, Kwame Spearman, a local legend and mayoral hopeful, is eyeing Anderson’s seat. He’s all about school safety and giving kids the best education. Go, Kwame!

And then we have Baldermann, another board member, who hasn’t spilled the beans on his reelection plans yet. But when he ran last time, he spent a fortune! It was like a board member spending spree!

So there you have it, dear readers – Denver’s School Board, where politics, press conferences, and pandering keep us all entertained. Who needs reality TV when you have this show? Stay tuned, because the election drama is just beginning!

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