Meet Jayathi Y. Murthy: The New President Taking Oregon State University by Storm!


Hold on to your graduation caps, folks, because Oregon State University has a brand-new president, and she’s here to rock the academic world! Say hello to Jayathi Y. Murthy, the 16th president of OSU, who started her epic journey on September 9, 2022.

Now, you might be wondering, what’s the big deal with this new president? Well, let me tell you, she’s not just any old leader. Jayathi is a true engineering superstar! She’s got mad skills in teaching, research, and service, making her a national leader in higher education. It’s like having a superhero at the helm of the university!

But what’s on her presidential to-do list? Oh, just a few things. Jayathi is all about making college accessible for everyone. She’s like the fairy godmother of education, granting wishes for all learners! And that’s not all—she’s also on a mission to boost student success and graduation rates. It’s like she’s waving a magic wand of excellence!

And get this—Jayathi is all about diversity and inclusion. She’s like the queen of making sure everyone feels welcome at the university party! OSU is going to be the coolest, most inclusive place ever, thanks to her!

Now, let’s talk about research. Jayathi knows that research is the secret sauce to success, so she’s all about investing in research infrastructure. It’s like she’s sprinkling some research magic all over the university!

And guess what? She’s also a big supporter of the faculty. Jayathi wants them to be the best they can be in teaching, research, and all their amazing programs. It’s like she’s the number one fan cheering them on from the sidelines!

But wait, there’s more! Before becoming OSU’s fearless leader, Jayathi rocked the academic world at some pretty impressive places. She was the first woman dean of the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. Girl power at its finest!

And that’s not all—she also served as a mechanical engineering professor at Purdue University and the University of Texas at Austin. It’s like she’s been on an academic adventure across the country!

But hold on, it doesn’t end there. Jayathi even worked at a company called Fluent, Inc., where they do some crazy stuff with computational fluid dynamics software. You know, the kind of stuff that makes you go, “Whoa, that’s some serious brain power!”

And get this—she’s got the degrees to prove she’s a true academic rockstar! Jayathi earned a doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Washington State University, and a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology. Talk about a resume that’s as impressive as a superhero’s!

So there you have it, folks—Jayathi Y. Murthy, the superhero president of Oregon State University. With her superpowers in education, research, and inclusion, OSU is in for an epic ride. Buckle up, Beavers, because your new president is here to make some serious academic magic! 🎓🌟

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