Actress Lisa Banes Takes a Wild Scooter Ride: Hit-and-Run Drama in NYC!

Oh, the drama in the Big Apple! Actress Lisa Banes had a close encounter of the scooter kind, and it wasn’t all fun and games like in “Cocktail.” Nope, this time, it was serious business.

So, Lisa was strolling down the Upper West Side in New York City, minding her own business, on her way to meet up with her wife and pals for a delicious dinner. All was well until a wild electric scooter zoomed by like a speed demon on steroids!

The scooter rider didn’t care about the rules of the road; they skipped a red light and BAM! Crash-landed straight into poor Lisa. That’s one rude scooter rider, I must say. Did they stop to help? Did they call the police? Nah, they zipped away like a pro at a hit-and-run competition.

911 to the rescue! The emergency services came rushing in to save the day. But Lisa was in bad shape, with a nasty head injury. Ouch! They whisked her away to Mount Sinai Saint Luke’s Hospital for urgent treatment, and now she’s hanging on in the ICU.

Now, here comes the mystery: Who was this scooter scoundrel? No one knows yet, but the cops are hot on the trail. They’re chasing after a red and black scooter bandit. Hey, watch out, scooter outlaw, the law’s coming for you!

The poor 65-year-old actress is fighting for her life, and her family is asking for prayers and any help to find the person who caused all this chaos. Let’s hope the culprit gets caught soon and justice is served on a silver scooter plate!

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